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Nicole Tamer

Photo: Nicole Tamer

Review: Bunzilla Burger

With a promise of Japanese flavours, Byron Burgers’ new creation challenges the traditional Western burger recipe

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Review: There Should Be Rules

The heart-warming feature transports viewers back to their teenage years with magnificent acting and a great soundtrack

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Review: The Paper Store

Part of the Manchester Film Festival, this unusual romance showcases the harsh world of academia

Pretending to be famous on the red carpet. Photo: Alice Holloway

Manchester Film Festival Diaries

Nicole Tamer recounts her first red carpet experience at the Manchester International Film Festival

Photo: Nicole Tamer

DIY beauty recipes

Struggling to look good on a student budget? Film Editor Nicole Tamer imparts her wisdom by sharing her cheap and easy beauty recipes

Still from K3G, a popular Bollywood film. Photo: Yash Raj Films

Bollywood versus Indian independent cinema

Most people think of Bollywood when they hear Indian cinema, but what is behind this massive film industry and why are Indian Independent films better at portraying Indian culture?

Still from Raise the Red Lantern. Photo: Orion Classics

Top 5: Films with a limited colour palette

Films with a limited colour palette often employ colours to portray a certain mood or to distinguish different worlds. These films excel at this craft.

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Last Week in Film

All of the week’s biggest movie and TV news in one article!

Photo; Indian Society of Manchester

Preview: India Week 2016

Dive into the world of Indian food, music, and festivals by attending India Week and help to raise funds for enhancing the quality of life of millions of children in India.

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Review: Deadpool

Deadpool breaks not only the fourth and sixteenth wall, but also box-office records by delighting audiences tired of the usual Hollywood superhero formula

Photo: Mimi Koku

Interview: Georgia Adams

Being a director can be overwhelming but Georgia Adams overcame all challenges and One to Ten was successfully wrapped

Photo: Paramount Pictures/Growld

The Week in Film (8-12 Feb 16)

Find out what happens in the world of cinema with all the wacky and important film news in one article