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Rob Paterson

Photo: Lily Ashton

Feature: We’ll help you form a band and get you your first gig

Lonely Viking Arts are helping musicians in Manchester find one another and starting a night for acts who’ve never played a gig in Manchester before

Photo: The i

Preview: iSessions final

After shamelessly plugging his own play in last week’s Theatre section, Rob Paterson previews an event which he swears he has nothing to do with

photo:Matt Biddulph@flickr

Shut Up And Play The Hits

Many fans rejoice at the news that LCD Soundsystem are reforming. Some feel betrayed. Rob Paterson has a borderline existential crisis.

Illustration by Joe Connell

Top 10 Albums of 2015

The best albums of the year, as voted by those who’ve written for us all semester. Complete with loving praise and custom illustrations

Beach House; Photo: Mike@Flickr

Live: Beach House

With a setlist creator and larger performance troupe, Beach House’s Ritz performance was certainly considerable in atmosphere and sound than years gone by

Photo: Regression Sessions

Club: Regression Sessions

A night about embracing your inner child, in an environment which is a parent’s worst nightmare

Tobias Batley as Winston in Jonathan Watkins' 1984. Photo: Emma Kauldhar

Review: Northern Ballet’s 1984

Manchester’s Palace theatre welcomes Jonathan Watkins’s interpretation of literary classic 1984 with the Northern Ballet

Photo: Album Artwork

Record Reappraisal: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Rob Paterson reassesses Yeezy’s magnum opus as more than just a great hip-hop album: it’s a hedonistic, prog-rock dream

HOME's Golem Picture: Press shot

Review: Golem

Suzanne Andrade and theatre company 1927 bring the innovative ‘Golem’ to Manchester’s HOME

Duke Special

Interview: Duke Special

Eccentric, yet humble. Theatrical, yet modest. Rob Paterson chats to the enigmatic king of dreadlocks and swing, Duke Special.


Ought: Sun Coming Down

Rob Paterson review’s Sun Coming Down, the new album of band Ought

Indian Raga

Fish out of water: Indian raga

Rob Paterson, out of his indie-rock waters and in to a tranquil pool of traditional Indian raga at Bridgewater Hall