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Robert Firth

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Feature: David Mancuso – the New Yorker who taught the world how to party

Remembering David Mancuso, founder of the legendary ‘by invitation only’ loft parties that transformed New York’s club scene in the early 70s

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Album: Roman Flügel – All The Right Noises

The German maverick of electronic music returns with a typically experimental album on Hamburg-Berlin based Dial Records, writes Robert Firth

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Live: Warehouse Project – Feel My Bicep

Bicep fail to flex their muscles, Daniel Avery takes a disappointing ordinary turn, and Andrew Weatherall brings back Madchester, during a strange night of surprises

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Preview: Warehouse Project – Feel My Bicep

This jam packed night of house and techno, curated by UK duo Bicep, looks to be one of the highlights of 2015’s Warehouse Project

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Live: Bipolar Sunshine

Bipolar Sunshine does little to stir the audience to any higher echelons

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Is the paper CV really dead?

All that time you spent procrastinating on Twitter and Tumblr might have been worth it after all…

Summer in America. Photo: Mark Woodward

“My Super Summer in the States”

Dreading being stuck at home for three stifling months? Take a tip from Manchester student Mark Woodward and go stateside, even with little $, by volunteering as a Camp Leader.

But which one? 
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Feast your eyes on these bullshit diets

Fancy eating your t-shirt or drinking syrup?

Not every student's dream workplace. Photo: loop_oh @Flickr

Should you get a job whilst at university?

It might seem like a great idea in order to pay for those Taylor Swift tickets, but is working up to 30 – 40 hours week manageable? Robert Firth finds that it can be (so long as your boss loves you)

You don't say? Photo: West Midlands Police @Flickr

Post-burglary Blues

With some statistics showing that Manchester has the highest student burglary rate in England, Robert Firth talks to one student who had more than the usual fright on Halloween

Not everyone loves Jezza as much.

I was in the audience of the most evil show on TV

The Jeremy Kyle Show claims to help guests. How can a show whose website advertises the chance to “get your ex back” help anyone asks Robert Firth?

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Live: Fuse ODG

Fuse’s new Africa just wants to enjoy itself