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Romy Biscoe

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Stop pretending Fidel Castro was a hero

The ignorance of Castro’s Human Rights record demonstated by many in the west threatens international relations with Cuba

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Gigi Hadid, Melania Trump, and the rise of virtue signalling

Romy Biscoe uses the controversy at the AMAs as a window to explore the modern phenomenon of ‘virtue signalling’ and its role in the US election

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A sporting excuse for animal cruelty

After several horses died at this year’s Grand National Festival, Romy Biscoe asks why we still value entertainment over welfare

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Twitter fries Stephen

After Fry leaves Twitter again, what is the online platform becoming with regards to free speech and censorship?

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The left-wing case for leaving the EU

Romy Biscoe argues that the corporatism of the EU and the soon to be negotiated TTIP free trade deal make a serious case for leaving the union

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Trump: To ban or not to ban?

Is debating whether or not a US Presidential candidate be barred from the UK an effective use of our time?

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The Conservative Future scandal and career politicians

The Conservative Future scandal has rocked the Conservative Party and put the spotlight on those at the top of politics

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Left-wing ideology and stifled debate in schools

Romy Biscoe asks whether schools and academics suffer from an unconscious left wing bias that harms debate amongst students