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Rosa Simonet

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University of Manchester to cut 171 jobs

The university cites ‘bold’ ambition as the reason for proposed cuts, however the University and College Union claim the cuts are due to Brexit

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Debunking sex myths

To conclude Sex Week 2017, here is a list of myths about sex and the reality behind them

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Holi curfews placed on female students in Delhi

The curfew placed on female students during the spring festival is not the first of its kind, and the campaign against it has now garnered international attention

Sexpression: Sex Week Print

Preview: Sex Week 2017

Let’s talk about sex. Here’s the line-up for this year’s annual Sex Week

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Concerns grow over increasing homeless youth

Fears of increased homelessness and exploitation among young people as the government moves ahead with plans to end housing support payments for under 21s

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International Women’s Day

A list of events happening on campus and around Manchester on International Women’s Day.

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Lecturers divided on the NSS boycott

The NSS boycott has brought conflicting statements across departments at the University of Manchester

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Student loans for sale in move towards privatisation

Critics are sceptical as Universities Minister claims the sale will have “no impact” on those paying off loans

Louis Theroux outside The Church of Scientology building in LA. Photo: Red Box Films

“Even though they’re not letting me in, I’m going to make a film anyway”

My Scientology Movie brings with it spontaneity, investigation, and wit, alongside the detail of the bizarre underworld of Scientology

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Feature: Monsters and the Femme fatale

Chilling Netflix documentary Amanda Knox exhibits the blatant persecution of women who have sex

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Review: Gypsy Queen

Though moving and at times hysterical, Rob Ward’s Gypsy Queen didn’t quite meet its potential

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‘God save the Queen’ stands in the way of progress

Recent protests against national anthems and flags in the United States should inspire Brits to the causes of discriminated peoples at home