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Ryan Khurana

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The NHS needs a digital healthcare revolution

Artificial intelligence is just one of the ground-breaking technologies that could transform NHS healthcare

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The misrepresentation of the Syrian conflict

Ryan Khurana discusses the damage caused by the misinformation and over-simplification that surrounds the ongoing conflict in Syria

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A tale of two globalisations

Recent populist movements that have elected Donald Trump and led to Brexit display a need to expand our vocabulary when speaking of globalisation

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The failures of communication

Ryan Khurana examines the nature of communication, perception, and the ineffectiveness of modern debate

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The Russians are not the enemy

With doses of Cold War nostaliga, modern day Russia is wrongly used as a ‘neccasary enemy’ for politicians

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Free speech crusaders harm debate

Making some trivial issues to be political under the banner of free speech churns the debating ground into dogma

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Knowing and doing: fighting UK poverty

Ryan Khurana comments on the Conservative approach to bringing prosperity to all

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The death of rhetoric in politics

In light of recent events, Ryan Khudara critically assesses a shift in political language

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A decentralised NHS would be better for all

Ryan Khurana argues for the advantages of a completely decentralised NHS where local areas would be free to target healthcare provision directly to their needs

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Are you serious?

Ryan Khurana asks why we all pay so much attention to a man like Donald Trump

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Safe and senseless: Why university safe space policies trigger me

Ryan Khurana, the organiser of Milo Yiannapoulos’ upcoming talk, gives his view on why safe space policies have no place in universities