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Sam Dumitriu

Jim Jefferies

Interview: Jim Jefferies

Aussie comic Jim Jefferies talks about settling down, his TV show getting cancelled and getting punched at the Comedy Store

Nightline's mascot Noel advertises the night time listening service

Inside Nightline

Volunteers for Manchester’s student-run listening service tell The Mancunion why they joined

i editor Oly Duff thinks we should bring in votes at 16 PHOTO: The Independent

Interview: i editor Oliver Duff

The Mancunion talks to i editor Oliver Duff on the future of journalism, being ‘a crap gossip columnist’ and how politicians can engage students


Interview – Raymond Tallis

Sam Dumitriu speaks to polymath Raymond Tallis about assisted dying, consciousness and ‘Darwinitis’

Photo: Cil Barnett-Neefs

Liveblog: Question Time – Gen Sec and Diversity

Join us for live coverage of the last SU election hustings – Gen Sec and Diversity candidates answer students’ questions

Manchester Lecturer Rob Ford is an expert in elections.

Interview: Rob Ford

Manchester lecturer Rob Ford talks about his new book on the rise of UKIP

"It's now politically poisonous to be anti-internet" Photo: Pirate Party UK

Pirate Party UK Leader Loz Kaye

Pirate Party Leader Loz Kaye speaks to Features Editor Sam Dumitriu about surveillance, filters and how the internet can transform politics

Who was Samuel Alexander? PHOTO: Joe Sandler-Clarke

The story behind the buildings

We pass buildings like Kilburn, Roscoe and Whitworth everyday, but who were the people behind the names?


Have the Exec kept their promises?

One semester in – we check if the Exec have kept their promises

Snowden could hold the position from Russia.

Glasgow students nominated Snowden – who should Manchester pick?

As Glasgow Students nominate Edward Snowden, Sam Dumitriu looks at the history of the position of university rector across the UK

Dean Wareham; Photo: jchristopherrobinson

Live: Dean Wareham

26 years strong, Wareham can still go, hitting the same highs and commanding the stage with an effortless cool.

PHOTO: Flickr Cradle Apex

Why students join cults

Cult expert Ian Haworth explains why many students join cults