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Samuel Pigott


Review: Tzatzikis

An incredible late-night takeaway spot, and an equally fantastic Greek deli doesn’t come around often, and for the prices on offer Tzatzikis is an absolute must.

Lamb Methi

Recipe: Lamb Methi

While it might take a bit of time, this curry is well worth the effort. Leave in the oven whilst you enjoy the snow and you’ll come home to the perfect warming treat

Lemon, Chilli and Oregano Prawns

Recipe: Lemon, Chilli, and Oregano Prawns

Include noodles to make a delicious dinner for one or simply serve as is for a great starter guaranteed to impress anyone.

Photo: Samuel Pigott

Review: El Capo

On the whole a good cheap option as long as you aren’t expecting food that will set the world alight (although the diablo wings could potentially do so!)

Photo: Samuel Pigott

Recipe: Garlic Chicken Schnitzel

Quick and easy, this take on a flattened chicken Kiev is perfect for a quick and easy dinner or the schnitzels can be prepared ahead of time for an ideal impressive treat for friends.


Recipe: Melting Meatball One-Pot

Fantastic soft meatballs and mountains of melting cheese; a fantastic evening meal

Photo: Samuel Pigott

Review: Beirut

A decent quality of food, but many better options exist on Curry Mile, particularly given the price

Photo: Kai Stachowiak

Review: Extraveganza

Vegan food festival Extraveganza delivers when it comes to well-cooked vegan food, and is sure to convince many a meat-eater to take the plunge

Samuel Pigott

Recipe: Chorizo and Roasted Potato Hash

The perfect, indulgent and yet beautifully simple Sunday morning breakfast

Photo: Samuel Pigott @ The Mancunion

Review: Manchester Smokehouse

Good location and good atmosphere, just a shame about the terrible food

Photo: Sam Pigott

Manchester Christmas Markets: the Yorkshire pudding burrito

The entire contents of a Christmas dinner wrapped up in a Yorkshire pudding… what is not to love!

Photo: jill111 @pixabay

Recipe: Christmas Pizzas

This festive twist on pizza is sure to be as fun to eat as it is to make