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Suraj Vara

Contrary Corner (Animations)

Contrary Corner: animated gems you missed

Suraj thinks that instead of watching The Lion King for the umpteenth time, you should try one of the many lesser-known animated films you’ve likely overlooked


Top 5: Hollywood rip-offs from Asian Cinema

5. The Departed (2006) vs. Infernal Affairs (Hong Kong – 2002) Martin Scorsese’s film about a cop infiltrating a notorious gang, and a gang member…


Animation Comes of Age: How grown ups can laugh with the kids too

Suraj Vara discusses how, when it comes to comedy, animated movies cater for all ages


Contrary Corner: There’s no need for speed

According to Suraj Vara, cars should stay on the road and out of the cinema


Cornerhouse Pick of the Week: The Great Beauty

Suraj reviews the latest film from Paolo Sorrentino and tells us why it should be tipped for Oscar glory


Contrary Corner: The force is strong with this one

Suraj Vara gives his controversial opinion on the latest instalments in the Star Wars franchise

Grease remains popular but maybe its not for everyone Photo: Grease, Paramount Pictures

I’m sorry but…There are few ‘worse things I could do’ than watch Grease

Suraj Vara tells us why he finds ‘Grease’ anything but electrifying

Director Tom Hooper

Director Profile: Tom Hooper

Suraj Vara looks at successful British director Tom Hooper


Joaquin Phoenix – the attention seeker

Suraj Vara takes us through the outrageous shock tactics of Joaquin Phoenix