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Tom Bruce

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Feature: The American Dreamer

Tom Bruce reviews the authenticity of various on-screen representations of journalist Hunter S. Thompson, comparing them with the books and with the man himself

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Top 5: Films of the Year (2014/15)

We conducted a poll of our contributors in which we asked them to name their five favourite films released during the 2014/15 academic year. Having scored all the lists together, we can now reveal that the Mancunion’s Top 5 Movies of 2014/15 are:

Owens Park Tower. Photo: The Mancunion

Halls 2 Home: Putting ‘Unity’ Back Into the Community

Halls 2 Home is a project which aims to support students in their transition from halls to private accommodation. It was created by Manchester Student Homes and works in partnership with the university’s Pastoral Care Team, involving a programme of awarenesseampaigns, events and resource documents which aim to improve student integration in off-campus areas

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Recipe: Dark ‘n’ Stormy

If you’re going to BYOB to Phetpailin, why not make the same cocktail as Tom Bruce?

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YCHTT: Has Film Reviewing Gone Too Far?

Confused film reviewer Tom Bruce grapples with the existentialism of Birdman

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Cornerhouse Pick of the Week: Leviathan

After attending the first ever Levis-wearing-athon, Tom Bruce had this to say: ’34/32 would wear Levis again’. Sub-sub-par banter out of the way, this film is near-perfect

15 Oscars Drunk - xtratime.rog

The Oscars Drinking Game

Presented by the Official (poor) Judgement Panel of the Alc-ademy Awards.

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Review: Phetpailin

Tom Bruce and fellow Mancunions assert their presence in China Town’s BYOB Thai restaurant.

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WOW! Make Way for the (ML)G-Unit

Many people can’t wait for the ephemeral montage parody craze to shut up, log off and die, but Tom Bruce reckons it’s here to stay. And he accepts it gladly

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Review: Fury

Tom Bruce awards David Ayer’s Call of Duty with a Medal of Honour

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Review: The Lodger

Tom Bruce was highly entertained by the screen-to-stage adaptation of Hitchcock’s The Lodger

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Review: The Riot Club

Tom Bruce thinks this new socio-political ‘comedy’ is a load of ballyhoo claptrap. “Oh. My. Wow.”