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Tristan Parsons

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Manchester attack: He called this city home, too

We must ‘go beyond simplistic notions of madness, religion, and love. Instead, we must turn to issues of poverty, crime, drugs, alienation, integration, and more’

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Fossil Free and BDS protest Making a Difference Awards

Students from the Fossil Free and BDS (Boycott, Divest, and Sanctions) campaigns protested the University of Manchester’s Social Responsibility Awards held on the 11th of May

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A new traditionalism in political debate

We ought to understand ourselves, then engage with our families, friends, and communities before taking to the streets in rage

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The infrastructure and politics of the Curry Mile

The Reclaim the Night march and Wilsmlow Road’s new cycle lanes expose the subtle tensions that exist between the Rusholme and student communities

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The limits to minimalism

The present-day minimalist movement is making strides in the right direction, but has a number of limitations, writes Tristan Parsons

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Album: Lyra, Lyra – Fionn Connolly

Fionn Connolly’s debut is a promising combination of calming ambience and wistful apathy, writes Tristan Parsons

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Does our health knead the Bake Off?

With the widening of awareness to the dangers of sugar consumption, what do we do about the Great British Bake Off?

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Response to SU apology

A reaction to the SU’s apology over a previous Opinion article to Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell

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Why we love terrorism

Terrorism plays into our passions for a good story, simplistic explanations, and dark fantasies

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Explore Manchester by wandering

Tristan Parsons argues that wandering is the best way to explore Manchester, and that it can help to develop our perceptions of cities.

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Working and consuming away from progress

Tristan Parsons on the increasing disenfranchisement from progress caused by the economics of work and consumption

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Green spaces offer a calming respite from the city

Tristan Parsons talks on how parks and greenery have numerous benefits to our cities and can help combat climate change