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Check the Exec: Policies and Promises

Charlotte Cook – General Secretary Coming into office for her second term where she first served as Community Officer, Charlotte smashed her opponents ...

Photo: Channel 4

How Accurate is Fresh Meat's Portrayal of Student Life?

I had a teacher once that described the Channel 4 comedy, Fresh Meat as an uncanny representation of student life. Set around ...

Interview: Jim Jefferies

Interview: Jim Jefferies

Australian comic Jim Jefferies is returning to the UK to do a limited run of shows including a show at O2 Apollo ...


Check the Exec: Policies and Promises

Posted on Sep 15, 2014 1
Photo: Channel 4

How Accurate is Fresh Meat's Portrayal of Student

Posted on Sep 10, 2014 2
Interview: Jim Jefferies

Interview: Jim Jefferies

Posted on Jul 16, 2014 3

Check the Exec: Policies and Promises

Haider Saleem takes a look at what the Exec have planned for the Union during their year in office.

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How Accurate is Fresh Meat’s Portrayal of Student Life?

2011 brought us a comedy-drama focusing on a group of people entering their first year of university. But how close does Fresh Meat play to the true student experience?

Jim Jefferies

Interview: Jim Jefferies

Aussie comic Jim Jefferies talks about settling down, his TV show getting cancelled and getting punched at the Comedy Store

The Mancunion

Apply to join The Mancunion in 2014/15 – Deadline extended

Apply to be section editor at The Mancunion. New application deadline – June 8th

Nightline's mascot Noel advertises the night time listening service

Inside Nightline

Volunteers for Manchester’s student-run listening service tell The Mancunion why they joined


Interview: Bowel Cancer survivor Mark Davies

Hugo Clay interviews Mark Davies, author of Saving My Arse: A story of cancers, colons and singapore noodles

i editor Oly Duff thinks we should bring in votes at 16 PHOTO: The Independent

Interview: i editor Oliver Duff

The Mancunion talks to i editor Oliver Duff on the future of journalism, being ‘a crap gossip columnist’ and how politicians can engage students

Sopel warns against the Disneyfication of War. PHOTO: WikiMedia Commons

Interview: BBC reporter Jon Sopel

Haider Saleem catches up with BBC World Service journalist Jon Sopel on the difficulties of covering war zones


Interview – Raymond Tallis

Sam Dumitriu speaks to polymath Raymond Tallis about assisted dying, consciousness and ‘Darwinitis’

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Defending yourself from an attack

Chatri Boonchareon looks at the advice for students needing to defend themselves on the street

Is this the face of British students today? PHOTO: Kaleb Fulgham

Are students being spoon fed?

Are we a generation of self-entitled brats who don’t know how to work hard and use our own initiative? This is targeted specifically towards university…

Manchester Lecturer Rob Ford is an expert in elections.

Interview: Rob Ford

Manchester lecturer Rob Ford talks about his new book on the rise of UKIP