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Navigating sexuality as a Muslim woman

Muslim women living in the West, and indeed all women, can find strength through their personal definition of beauty

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Gender-neutral clothing

It is time that retailers innovated to be more inclusive of those who do not identify to gender binaries

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Brand-less Beauty

Beauty branding is changing fast — hopefully for the benefit of consumers

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Fashion players of the week: Gigi and Bella Hadid

After storming fashion week, the power sister duo are this week’s fashion players

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Interview: Tiko Afrika

Kenyan backpack brand founder Gitahi Mwangi and co-founder Jaime Troncoso talk about the brand’s origin, African products being sold worldwide, and backpack culture

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Design disasters lead to H & M controversy

H & M continue to generate controversy through blunders in the design of their clothes

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Talita Von Furstenberg unveiled as her Grandmother DVF’s new muse

Talita Von Furstenberg’s appointment marks a new age in millennial fashion for the brand, writes Fashion and Beauty Editor Talia Lee-Skudder

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Alexander McQueen: eight years on

Eight years on from Alexander McQueen’s death, Rona McCann writes how his legacy lives on through the creative direction of his successor Sarah Burton

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Rottingdean Bazaar

Forget New York, this quaint English hidey-hole has come into the fashion forefront

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A summary of New York Fashion Week

Fashion season is back and New York kicked it all off for us with a series of trends to see us through summer and into autum

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The latest beauty dupes

The latest beauty items to keep an eye out for…for all the wrong reasons

Are the British really more fashion-conscious than the French?

Can us Brits learn something from French fashion values?