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The art in the industry

Let’s lampoon the rest


Fetish beauty

A collision of the soft and the severe


Lana del Rey and the enduring love for Lolita

The eternal appeal of feigned innocence


F is for… Freud

‘I paint people, not because of what they are like, not exactly in spite because of what they are like, but how they happen to…


A woman’s right to refuse a full bush

A pube-free existence need not negate feminism


Oh, Marc!

Has Marc Jacob’s desire to shock gone too far in his latest perfume campaign?


Celebrities Selling (Themselves)

As the worlds of fashion and celebrity become ever more synonymous, we examine the role of stars in the advertising industry.


Festive gifts of pulchritude

A seasonal way of telling someone to sort their face out


For the Boys: Festive Party wear

Whether it’s a Christmas dinner with the family or a soirée in the city with friends, here at The Mancunion, we’ve got Party-wear 101 sorted.

12 faux pas ugg socks

The Twelve Faux Pas of Christmas Style

It’s the start of Christmas break, and you’ve conveniently swept the looming deadlines of January and essentiality of getting dressed for the day under the…


Put your inhibitions and underlying concepts of gender identity behind you!

It’s not Christmas without a rampant glitter bath


Escape modern anxiety: wash yourself, you ribald filth

Thanks to modern technology, contemporary life can be super-stressful