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Interview: Afzal Khan comments on Safety in Fallowfield

Gorton MP Afzal Khan comments on crime in Fallowfield and how we can create a safer community for students

Photo: Hannah Brierley

Reclaim the night: as told by those who marched

Liv Clarke retells her own experience, and interviews a fellow marcher and previous organiser for annual march for women’s rights

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A forum to empower renters

Are you sick of living in expensive, mouldy, damp housing and putting up with dodgy landlords?

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0161 Festival: an interview with the founder of Manchester’s anti-fascist festival

The festival seeks to seeks to unite communities and break down cultural barriers

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Welcoming Chinese New Year

A flash mob marked the beginning of Chinese new year celebrations

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Stand for freedom: the modern day fight against slavery

Ruth Squires speaks to the UoM students who stood for 24 hours as a protest against modern day slavery

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The 100th anniversary of womens’ suffrage with Baroness Hale

Tuesday the 6th February marked the 100th anniversary of the suffragette movement gaining rights for some women. Eva Muñoz Picazo attended a speech by Baroness Hale, President of the Supreme Court here at the University of Manchester, and recalls the lessons learnt over the last 100 years

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A trip to hell to cure depression? Psychedelics as psychiatry with Adam Laidler

Some of his ‘visions’ may seem hard to believe…

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Fallow Fights Back with Holly Ledger

With Fallowfield crime rates being so talked about in the last few months, Holly Ledger is leading the way to fight back for student victims

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Patagonia comes to Manchester: an interview with Alex Weller

The Mancunion sits down with the marketing director of the environmentally conscious Patagonia, as it opens first UK store in four years in Manchester

Photo: The Mancunion

EXCLUSIVE: The Mancunion visits Manchester’s animal research facility

Editor-in-Chief Kirstie O’Mahony is the first ever journalist to see the facility up close and personal

Photo: Qaisra Shahraz

Interview: Manchester’s most influential woman – Qaisra Shahraz

After being named Manchester’s most influential woman of 2017, Kizzy Bray spoke to Qaisra Shahraz about her newest book, future upcoming projects and what her identity means for the stories she weaves