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Carswell: "They talk about austerity, but on what planet is spending £108 billion more than you take in tax every year austerity."

Carswell: the man who is fighting politics, and winning

‘Dreadful, ill-qualified and parasitic’ politicians have contributed to the end of politics, Douglas Carswell MP tells Andrew Williams.

Cox: 'A scientific theory is never wrong until it's shown to be wrong.'

Brian Cox: wonders of the world of physics

University of Manchester Professor Brian Cox talks to Callum Millar about Higgs Boson and the Large Hadron Collider

Burkeman: “One of the many risks with positive thinking is that you come to see everything as a dress rehearsal.”

Happiness for people who can’t stand positive thinking

New Year’s resolutions broken already? Oliver Burkeman thinks that our problem lies in an obsession with positive thinking

Pangaea Winter Wonderland 2013

Winter Wonderland Pangaea 2013

Julian Wakefield’s shots from Pangaea 2013

Manchester music legend Ian Curtis. But how many of the venues where his band Joy Division use to play are still standing. Image: Patrick Pearse

Manchester’s lost musical heritage

Some of Manchester’s most significant venues have been turned into supermarkets and flats, writes Chloe Glover

Internet giant: Jack Dorsey founded Twitter in the hope that everyone, everywhere could have their say

Twitter: the last stand for social networking?

Its 500 million active users have revolutionised social networking, but Twitter is on a collision course with freedom of expression


The Union’s ethical problem

The Mancunion looks at whether the Student Union’s ‘Sustainable & Ethical Business Code’ is being followed

Message of hope: Ibrahim is looking ahead to the birth of the 'freedom generation'

Syria: my week on the frontline

University of Manchester student Ibrahim Olabi tells The Mancunion about the horrors he encountered during a week-long trip to Syria

Liam Burns 001

‘Aaron Porter was bullied,’ says NUS President

Andrew Williams sits down with President of the NUS, Liam Burns, ahead of this month’s #Demo2012

Anderson: "“I’ll be delivering my lecture as though I know what I’m talking about, which is a bit of a stretch to be honest!"

Anderson steals the show on Foundation Day

Andrew Williams meets comedy writer and broadcaster Clive Anderson ahead of his star turn on the University’s annual Foundation Day

235 Casino: one of Manchester's most popular casinos, frequented by students and footballers alike

Gambling: the secret student vice

Andrew Williams explores the increased prevalence of – and motivation for – student gambling in an era of 24/7 betting

Ronson: "I like to go to places where people are displaying the outermost aspects of their personality" (Photo: Barney Poole)

HIM: Adventures with Jon Ronson

Andrew Williams meets investigative journalist and author Jon Ronson to talk extremists, conspiracy theorists and psychopaths