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Ronson: "I like to go to places where people are displaying the outermost aspects of their personality" (Photo: Barney Poole)

HIM: Adventures with Jon Ronson

Andrew Williams meets investigative journalist and author Jon Ronson to talk extremists, conspiracy theorists and psychopaths


Willetts promises ‘more cash per student’

“Total funding for higher education is increasing”, says Universities Minister

Dial M for Motown: Watson prepares to dazzle the crowd with some Motown classics

‘If it wasn’t for Ed Miliband, we would never have uncovered the phone hacking scandal’

Andrew Williams meets Labour Shadow Cabinet minister and News International tormentor-in-chief, Tom Watson

Locking Horns: the two universities of Manchester come face to face in the annual Varsity Rugby match

When two tribes go to war…

Andrew Williams considers the absence of genuine rivalry between the universities of Manchester

John Leech, MP for Withington. "I would expect The Telegraph to talk about 'electoral oblivion' because they're a bunch of right-wing fascists." Photo: Lisa Murgatroyd

‘The Tories did the dirty on us’

Richard Crook talks to John Leech Lib Dem MP for Withington

Short: "we need to shift the sense of Britain’s role in the world – we need to not just be America’s poodle"

‘Iraq is literally a crime against peace’

Andrew Williams talks to former International Development Secretary Clare Short ahead of her visit to the University on Wednesday

Brian Cox: wonder of the universe

Six of the best: a potted history of Manchester academia

Andrew Williams profiles six of the University of Manchester’s most influential and prestigious scholars, past and present.

Mancunion editor sits down with Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell in her office. Photo: Joe Sandler Clarke

‘I wasn’t consulted on fees,’ says President of UK’s largest university

Richard Crook sits down with with Dame Nancy Rothwell to discuss fees, Student Satisfaction, and what the future holds.

Main Pic

Lemn Sissay: Let there be peace at University Place

Ruth Dacey meets renowned poet Lemn Sissay this week and discusses his new work Let There Be Peace

Rochdale Stadium

Greater Manchester football

See how Features editor Richard Crook and a team of writers got on exploring the unsung heroes of lower-league football in Manchester.

Propaganda for Kim Il-sung

Business as usual for North Korea

Richard Crook takes an in-depth look at the phenomenon that is North Korea, assessing its future under Kim Jong-un.


After the quake

This week, Oli Rahman gives us an in-depth story on the Japanese earthquake that wreaked havoc on Japan almost a year ago.