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Twas the month of Christmas in the city of Mancunia…

Twas the month of Christmas in the city of Mancunia, and all across the land students were preparing for Christmas socials, swaggering merrily around campuses…

Gaddafi Vampire

Libya’s art attack

Benjamin Wein looks at the cultural explosion occurring in Libya following Col. Gaddafi’s death.

Popping up near you

Just how long does a trend take to burn out? A fly-by look at the rise and rise of pop-ups, a trend which seems in no danger of fading away. Plus a Q&A with pop-up enthusiasts NOISE charity.


MUSEA goes to Amsterdam

From the 2nd – 5th February 2012 for only £135

Roshana Rubin-Mayhew captures When Rivers Run Into the Sea performed by Nicola Canavan


Eleven hours of performance, on the eleventh day of the eleventh month.


The ones that got away

Richard Crook takes a look at products that lost millions and embarrassed their companies, but played significant roles in the development of technology.


NHS- The shake up explained

Medical student Keir Stone-Brown takes you through the NHS reforms in plain English, and looks at the potential consequences


All abroad!

Interested in travelling? Want to escape those winter month Curry Mile traffic jams, where you wonder if you’ll ever feel anything but bitterness for the world again? Well study abroad might just be for you. Have a look and see how these people got on with their first-hand tales.


On the shoulders of giants

Richard Crook looks at the origins of our building names. Who are the people being honoured by Manchester and why?


Anti-social networking

Could you be sabotaging your job prospects or potential relationships before even saying a word? Richard Crook looks at ‘self-branding’ in the world of social networking.

A city worth exploring

What could possibly go wrong?

It may seem incredibly important to get everything right in Welcome Week, but university is about trial and error. You shouldn’t worry about making silly mistakes.

Anjelique 1

Locked Out

Last December, the UK Borders Agency began a process of consultation on the issue of student immigration into Britain. The policies that have come from this consultation are likely to have far reaching effects. This means a major overhaul of the student visa system. Anjelique Stevenson-Taylor draws from her own experience, and explains why the measures being proposed are damaging both for Britain and for her fellow international students.

As you may well know, thousands of people from abroad depend upon special visas in order to live here in the UK. People from all over the world travel to the UK for everything, from business trips, for holidays, to be with their loved ones, or to further their education. In order to receive a visa, we have to go through the nightmare of gathering all relevant documents and proof that you can pay, and send these off to the nearest UK Borders Agency home offices whilst waiting with bated breath. If you manage to get through, then kudos, if not, you’ve just wasted many weeks of your life, and that’s not including the hundreds of dollars, euros, or yen to get here.