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One theory is that active left-wing students tend to smoke, so are less inclined to take action

Do student ethics go up in smoke when it comes to tobacco companies?

The National Union of Students has a £5.5m tobacco habit, is this why students don’t campaign against cigarette companies?


The state of higher education

“There simply isn’t room in the ivory towers for fifty per cent of school leavers to attend university, and there never was”

PRT Zabul clear bridges along Highway One

Combat Fatigue

Features Editor Nick Renaud-Komiya explores how aware and engaged we still are about British involvement in international wars.

Manchester student Nigel Le Fanu

A view of life from an ex ‘Bootie’

Features Editor Nick Renaud-Komiya meets a University of Manchester student and former Royal Marine to talk prejudice, politics and parenthood.


Reclaim the night

“We don’t teach people who live in areas with high instances of gun crime to dodge bullets”

Rachel Cranshaw discusses why carrying an attack alarm is always a choice.

Mephodrone photo

The chemists are winning

Sarah McCulloch investigates our relationship with Mephodrone, until recently the drug du jour among many students, and asks whether our entire debate on the use of legal and illegal drug use needs to change.


The Manchester student experience

What can newcomers expect from their time here? And what challenges lie ahead for students? University is a strange and daunting new world. But embrace all it has to offer and it will be an experience you won’t forget.


Vocation, vocation, vocation

Why are so few international students studying humanities subjects? Daniel Zuidijk investigates.
For three days now, I have been sitting at my desk attempting to find a way to write about this subject without either sounding racist or as if I am plagiarising an equal opportunities leaflet. As a small disclaimer, I’d just like to say now that I am neither racist nor a hand-wringing pseudo-racist (you know, those ones that are so anxious about being perceived as prejudiced that they’re generally the most offensive of the lot).

Don't let a bad letting experience spoil your time as a student

Home, but not dry

Nick Renaud-Komiya investigates the murky world of student letting, hearing the horror stories of those who have been taken advantage of and telling you how to avoid these problems in future.


The BNP: Where next?

Nick Renaud-Komiya investigates how the BNP have been faring since their election to the European Parliament and argues that tackling them takes more than labelling them as racists.

BNP Rally

At home with the BNP

This June British National Party leader Nick Griffin is standing for the North West region in the European Parliament elections. Nick Renaud-Komiya investigates the history of this divisive political party and why many are drawn to their controversial policies.