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Are letting agents doing enough for student tenants?

Are students really to blame for their poor standards of housing?

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A student life: The Wild Washerwomen

Emma Shanks speaks to Zoe Darling, co-founder of The Wild Washerwomen, a mobile launderette set up in the Calais ‘Jungle’

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Interview: Naa Acquah — General Secretary

Our Editor-in-Chief chats to Naa Acquah before her final semester working as General Secretary in the Students’ Union, discussing recent controversies within the NUS, the changes she has overseen on campus, and her hopes for the future of the Union

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University of Manchester Students’ Union backs BDS

After the Students’ Union voted to endorse the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign, The Mancunion looks into the debates surrounding the movement

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Austere approach to student noise problem is not working

As part of Community Week at The University of Manchester, we discuss what is being done to tackle negative neighbourly relationships in the biggest student areas

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A student life: chair of the Polo society

We chat to Jade Fox, the chair of Polo Society, about the group going from strength to strength and her impossible work-life balance

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“You’re a total cuck mangina”

We take a look at some of our favourite comments

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Diego Garcia & Camp Thunder Cove: The UK’s Dark Secret

Madeleine Jones uncovers the truth behind the UK’s dealings with Diego Garcia

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A student life: treasurer of the cheese and wine society

Stevie Grieves meets the Cheese and Wine society’s treasurer Ollie Carr

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Manchester Weihnachtsmarkt

Maria Ortega Rechkemmer finds out just how German Manchester’s Christmas markets are

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A student life: the student journalist

We spoke to Eliza Slawther about being a student journalist

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An insider’s account of Manchester Labour Students

Jack Ashworth speaks to a student on the left of the Manchester Labour Students society to discuss how the alleged current split reflects the party’s national problems