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Photo: NASA via Wikimedia Commons

Interview with an astronaut: Don Thomas

Former NASA astronaut Don Thomas has been to space four times. In an interview with Science Editor Andy van den Bent-Kelly, he talks about his experiences, the political scene away from Earth, and what the future holds for the space industry

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The bodies nobody cares about

The media and societal spin on body image is causing dangerous consequences for a generation of body dysmorphic men; what can we do?

Photo: University of Manchester Students' Union

Let’s Talk About Sex

Joanna Melville explains why we need to use upcoming Sex Week as an important political and social tool to improve our society

Photo: David Aaronovitch

Lunch with The Mancunion: David Aaronovitch

William Brown talks to University of Manchester alumnus and The Times columnist David Aaronovitch on politics, the student body and freedom of speech

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Peter Hitchens: “This is a living, breathing corpse of a country”

Current Affairs Editor Joe C. Evans in discussion with journalist, author, and voice of the right Peter Hitchens

Photo: STAR

Student Action for Refugees

Yasmin Mannan gives an insight into the ways you can stand up for and help refugees and asylum seekers in Manchester and beyond

Photo: Manchester Entrepreneurs Society

What Next? Conference brings the best in tech to the North West

Interested in business and how to break in? Want to kickstart your own start up? Excited to enter the world of entrepreneurship? This is the conference for you

Photo: The Mancunion

From Afghanistan to Manchester: A refugee’s story

Student, author, and refugee activist Gulwali Passarlay joins Current Affairs Editor Joe C. Evans in conversation, discussing his journey to Britain, the reaction to his work, and the misrepresentation of Islam

Photo: The Mancunion

Prison food: More than just gruel

Isaac Atwal paid a visit to a restaurant run by prisoners within the grounds of HMP Styal, and saw the roots of a new form of rehabilitation

Fuse TV's full coverage of the Mancunion Live event is available via their YouTube channel

Mancunion Live: The best of your tweets

During the Mancunion Live event audience members were able to tweet their views with #MancunionLive. These are the highlights of your comments

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Why Engels? Why Now?

On the back of Jeremy Corbyn’s resounding victory in last year’s Labour leadership election, we explore the legacy of adopted Mancunian Friedrich Engels

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Re-bunking the myths of veganism

In our last issue, we heard a defence against the common criticisms of veganism. Here, Jessica Chow-Lau rebukes the increasingly popular lifestyle choice