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Babe is a childhood classic for many. Photo: Babe, Universal Studios

I’m sorry but…’animal’ films suck

Ally Mitchell explains her hate for critter capers

Tim Burton used stop-motion for this recent kid's film. Photo: Frankenweenie, Walt Disney Pictures

Old school animation in the digital age

Dylan Wiggan looks at the changing landscape of animated movies

X Men First Class is a good example of prequel rather than remake Photo: X Men FIrst Class, Marvel Studios

Prequel vs Remake

Which is best? Or, least worst?

I'm So Excited is previewing at the Cornerhouse Photo: I'm So Excited, El Deseo

Come fly with me

The Cornerhouse get set to host a pre-release preview of Pedro Almodóvar’s latest film, Los Amantes Pasajeros

Russel Crowe was awarded best actor for his role in Gladiator Photo: Gladiator, Dreamworks, Universal Studios

A Year In Film: 2000

Dan King gives us a year with films so good they’ll echo in eternity

Cult classic or just controversial? Photo: Spring Breakers, Muse Productions

Review: ‘Spring Breakers’

Alice Hughes’ verdict on the latest love-to-hate teen movie from Harmony Korine

Liza Minelli stars in all-singing Cabaret Photo: Cabaret, Monogram Pictures

Top 5: Musicals!

Olivia Stevens takes us through an all-singing all-dancing top 5


Competition! Win a ‘The Croods’ goody bag!

So many goodies!

'Leave the terrace' photo:

‘Can we just be men for a sec?’: Made In Chelsea quote competition

We have three DVDs to give away!

The Walking Dead,  "the most watched drama in basic cable history".

Why the sudden love for Zombie films?

For Tom Glasser, a Zombie outbreak is like a motorway service station, and the popularity of shows like The Walking Dead says much about our society

Stoker stars Mia Wasikowska

Review: Stoker

Robbie Davidson looks at the new film from the director of Oldboy

This comic-drama kicked off the film festival Photo: iAtraco!, Argentina Sono Films

The 19th ¡Viva! Film Festival arrives at The Cornerhouse

The UK premiere of Eduard Cortés’ ¡Atraco! gets proceedings off with a bang (literally)