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ODEON Cinema Listings

A look at what’s showing at the Odeon Printworks this week

The film revolves around girl-group The Sapphires

Review: ‘The Sapphires’

A look at the new comedy film with soul

Orlando Bloom was underwhelming as Legolas

Top 5: Miscast roles

Dan King takes us on a journey from Gotham City to Middle Earth in this week’s top 5

End of Watch looks to be a new take on the cop-film genre

Preview: ‘End of Watch’

Ally Mitchell previews Jake Gyllenhaal’s latest film

Gone with the Wind is a classic, distinctive of the Golden Age of cinema

A Year In Film: 1939

Faye Broadbent takes us back to the Golden Age of Hollywood Cinema with this week’s Year In Film

Sam Mendes is becoming a household name with the success of his new Bond film

Director Profile: Sam Mendes

Joshua tells us why Sam Mendes was brilliant even before everyone saw Skyfall

Joaquin Phoenix plays a WW2 naval veteran

‘The Master’

Samuel Parr guides us through what makes this new release so promising

Tarantino's upcoming release, Django Unchained

The Revenge of Tarantino

Nihal takes a look at what makes a Tarantino film so brutally entertaining

Daniel Craig in Skyfall

Review: ‘Skyfall’

Skyfall sees Daniel Craig in a ‘Bond to remember’, writes Alex Morrison


Crowd funding site ‘Kickstarting’ the movie bizz

Introducing the new way of getting movies funded

Ralph Fiennes as Magwitch

Great Adaptations

Are film adaptations becoming a tale of the all too expected?

Festival screening of feature Harold's Going Stiff

Stockport Film Festival returns

Nihal tells us about the successful second outing of the festival