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Leo and Kate create movie magic Photo: 20th Century Fox

Top 5: Recurring film couples

This week we countdown acting duos that deliver movie magic time and time again

Grease remains popular but maybe its not for everyone Photo: Grease, Paramount Pictures

I’m sorry but…There are few ‘worse things I could do’ than watch Grease

Suraj Vara tells us why he finds ‘Grease’ anything but electrifying

American Beauty was the big award winner of 1999 Photo: Dreamworks

Year in film: 1999

Ally Mitchell looks back at the 90s’ last year of films

Performances are set against stunning backdrops Photo:Redbud Pictures

Review: ‘To The Wonder’

Lucy Gooder checks out Terrence Malick’s latest opus

Nina Gold's work includes the stunning Les Miserables Photo: Working Title Films

The casting vote: an interview with Nina Gold

Sophie James quizzes casting director Nina Gold on Les Mis, the film industry and the next Bond

Erasing your memory of an ex is the opposite of romance in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Photo: Focus Features

Top 5: Anti-rom-coms

Parizad gives us her top 5 films that break the rom-com formula

Tom Hanks and Halle Berry are two members of the all-star cast Photo: Playtone

Review: Cloud Atlas

Jim Johnstone reviews ‘The Matrix’ creator’s latest cinematic venture

The Avengers brought together some already popular superheroes Photo: Marvel

It’s a small world: comic book movies in the age of shared continuity

Andrew Home looks at the state of current comic book movies

Robert Downey Jr will be revising his role as Iron Man in the third film Photo: Marvel

Preview: Iron Man 3

Robbie Davidson looks forward to Iron Man’s next outing

Marley was one of many documentaries released in 2012 Photo: Cowboy Films

Year In Film: 2012

Oscar Watkins looks at last year’s film landscape

Lore is a new take on a WW2 film Photo: Rohfilm


Alexandra Matthews reviews World War II film ‘Lore’

Treasure Trapped is a new documentary by a former Manchester student Photo: Cosmic Joke

Interview: Treasure Trapped

Sophie James interviews Manchester-based director Alex Taylor about his latest documentary