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Cooking up an Oscar winner: Ingredients for a Best Picture

The step-by-step guide to getting the big award at the Oscars

Lando and Boba have a chat

A little long for a Stormtrooper

In a vain attempt to continue our series of ‘every _____ film in a day’, my flatmate and I decided attempting to watch every Star Wars film in, indeed, a day. Yes we are crazy. That’s two trilogies, totalling about 12 ½ hours. 12 ½ hours of lightsabers, but thankfully, only two hours of Jar Jar Binks. We were going to have to start early. I remarked that we probably couldn’t do it, that our chances were 4,756 to one, but Mickey was having none of it: ‘Never tell me the odds’ he said.

Oshima DVD Collection

Nagisa Oshima Collection

DVD Release


Top 5: Bruces

Jess Higham counts down her Top 5 movie Bruces

Creepy Kid: Ezra Miller in 'We Need to Talk About Kevin'

We Need to Talk About Kevin Review

He might need more than a talk…

Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess celebrate in 'One Day'. Needlessly.

Never Judge a Book by its Film Cover

We ask whether a film adaptation can ever be as good as the original book

Footloose. Photography by: K.C. Bailey

Footloose Review

Dancing with the Devil


Who Would Win…?

Gladiator vs. Aragorn

Movie Marathon

Movie Marathon

Lord of the Rings

Throw away your television

Winter Preview

Throw away your televisions

Looking for Eric

Don’t watch that – watch This!

Looking for Eric


Top 5…

Dance Scenes