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Girls Shaped Love Drug is Simon Powell's debut feature film

Review: ‘Girl Shaped Love Drug’

GMFF founder Simon Powell presents the World Premiere of his first feature length film at the Greater Manchester Film Festival


Review: ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’

Robbie Davidson reviews Emma Watson’s latest acting venture

BAFTA 2012 Short Film Mwansa the Great

BAFTA 2012 short films

Even in this first ever year of Manchester’s film festival a strong precedent has been set on the standard that the GMFF has to offer….

Holy Motors is showing at the Cornerhouse Theatre

‘Holy Motors’

Our “Cornerhouse Pick of the Week” is Leos Carax’s star-studded “Holy Motors”

Finally Manchester's own film festival

For the love of film

The Greater Manchester Film Festival delivers a day to celebrate Manchester as the City of Cinema

Star Wars a New Hope is one of the best remembered of 1977's film offerings

A Year In Film: 1977

Charlotte Mather takes us through her memorable year in film

Death Watch now showing at the Cornerhouse

‘Death Watch’

Our Cornerhouse Pick of the Week is Bertrand Tavernier’s 1980’s hit

Movie Poster for On the Road

Preview: ‘On the Road’

Joshua Brown explains why he is so excited about the upcoming Kerouac adaption

The new Hitchcock biopic promises a lot

Hitchcock biopic set to leave us “Spellbound”

With the movie poster and release date unveiled last week, Sophie James anticipates the success of Sacha Gervasi’s “Hitchcock”

Cross-dressing in Some Like it Hot

Top 5: Cross-dressing Films

Flora Anderson guides us through her Top 5 cross-dressing countdown!

Harry Potter was just one of 2001's many film successes

A Year In Film: 2001

Samuel Parr tells us why 2001 was the year for movie-making magic

Willem Dafoe has a career spannign 3 decades

Actor Profile: Willem Dafoe

A look at why Willem Dafoe is one of Hollywood’s finest