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Merlin Merton's directorial debut 'Crashcourse'

A ‘Crashcourse’ in film-making

Merlin Merton talks about the inspiration behind a student-made film

Martin Freeman in The Hobbit

Top 5: Films left to see this year

5) The Life of Pi Based on Yann Martel’s classic, much loved novel and directed by Ang Lee. Pi an Indian zoo keeper’s son is…

Printworks Odeon in Manchester

Cinema Listings 17th – 23rd September

This week’s cinema listings, 17th-23rd September

Pandemonium in Stratford caught the attention of the world. Photo: The Department for Media, Culture and Sport @Flickr

London 2012 – Not just a question of sport

Sophie James think the Olympics had plenty to offer for the film world.

Photo: albertizeme@flickr

The future’s not 3D

3D is too often used lazily and without thought, writes Nihal Tharoor-Menon

Al Pacino as Tony Montana in Scarface. Photo: Pricelessley @flickr.

Top 5: Pre-drinking films

Top 5 films to watch when pre-drinking for a night out.

Batman and Robin, in their less serious days, prepare for a "routine morning".

Let’s not forget, Batman is ridiculous

The dark and serious films of the Christopher Nolan trilogy detract from the campy brilliance of the caped crusader

Extremely loud and incredibly close

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close Review

Or alternatively… Extremely Crap and Incredibly Boring


J. Edgar Review

Eastwood and Leo – dynamic duo?

Like Frozen Planet, but better

Happy Feet Two Review

Five years on from the Academy Award winning original George Miller is back with the sequel, Happy Feet Two.


Cooking up an Oscar winner: Ingredients for a Best Picture

The step-by-step guide to getting the big award at the Oscars

Lando and Boba have a chat

A little long for a Stormtrooper

In a vain attempt to continue our series of ‘every _____ film in a day’, my flatmate and I decided attempting to watch every Star Wars film in, indeed, a day. Yes we are crazy. That’s two trilogies, totalling about 12 ½ hours. 12 ½ hours of lightsabers, but thankfully, only two hours of Jar Jar Binks. We were going to have to start early. I remarked that we probably couldn’t do it, that our chances were 4,756 to one, but Mickey was having none of it: ‘Never tell me the odds’ he said.