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Tiger Blood: Charlie Sheen’s Winning Roles in Film

A Tribute to Sheen’s winning roles in film.


Viva! Review: The Life of Fish

This film wants to be as deep as each and every character we encounter

turtle's tale

Review: A Turtle’s Tale (Sammy’s Adventure)

“in this film you won’t find a cross-dressing Ken doll, or wise-cracking, leery sidekick”

Richard Ayoade, just chillin'

Interview: Richard Ayoade

“I’m not mad on confident people. I can’t imagine myself ever making the Bon Jovi story.”

Craig Roberts as Oliver Tate and Yasmin Paige as Jordana in SUBMARINE

Film Review: Submarine

Told from the fourth-wall-breaking-inner-voice of a 15 year old boy whose optimism and enthusiasm toward our simple world is contagious, Submarine will have you laughing from the opening.

endless love_bw02

Film History: New Wave

When we think of Paris now, we think of thin women, baguettes and the Eiffel Tower. Rewind several decades to the 1940s and we begin to see it wasn’t all that. From 1946 to 1958, the Fourth Republic of France was in its post-war operation (the Nazis had left and American films were once again allowed to be shown).

La Haine

Event Review: La Haine

“While the film is capable of touching moments and can be very comic at times, what really makes it special is the sense of threat that is carried throughout.”

Finding Nemo

Event Review: Finding Nemo

“They encounter a series of haphazard characters, some friendlier than others, but each with a set of psychological issues that remind the audience of the real plight of our protagonists.”

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Event Review: RAG does the Time Warp

“Almost everyone (including the men) were wearing corsets or fishnets of some description.”

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Narnia – Close the wardrobe.

So, the Narnia saga is set to continue with no particular order, and no-one particularly caring. With the announcement of The Magician’s Nephew, Adam Deane ponders the brief life and extended death of the franchise.

Girl Power

Review: Sucker Punch

“Snyder’s signature grimy, gothic aesthetic is ever present, as the girls bend time and space to encounter demon samurai, Steampunk-zombie-soldiers, Orcs, dragons, and futuristic alien-robots.”

The iconic Liz

In Memory: Elizabeth Taylor (27/2/1932 – 23/3/2011)

It’s easy to read about Elizabeth Taylor’s death from a long time illness, culminating in heart failure and think ‘oh, Michael Jackson’s friend died’, yet this attitude disregards a long, and illustrious career in which the pearl of Hollywood won two Oscars for Best Actress, a BAFTA, and was nominates a further three times.