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Top Five

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Top 5: Directors DiCaprio should work with next

With the pressure of winning an Oscar lifted, here are some directors that he has yet to collaborate with, who could showcase a different side to the actor

Still from Raise the Red Lantern. Photo: Orion Classics

Top 5: Films with a limited colour palette

Films with a limited colour palette often employ colours to portray a certain mood or to distinguish different worlds. These films excel at this craft.

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Top 5: Films within films

This week, we count down the five fictional movies within movies—and we want to see them all!

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Top 5: Oscar-nominated costumes

Costumes are one of the many details that add to the brilliance of any great film—here are our picks for the five best Oscar-nominated costumes

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Top 5: Music Documentaries of the 2010s

The stories of many great musicians have been captured with excellence on film—here are our picks for the five best music documentaries of the decade so far

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Top 5: Cheesy 80s films

We count down the five perfect 80s flicks to watch this Valentine’s Day

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Top 5: Bowie songs in film

Much of the late legend David Bowie’s music has been used brilliantly in film—here are our picks for the five best times his songs elevated movie scenes to brilliance

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Top 5: Films set in Paris

Paris stands as one of the liveliest cultural hubs in the world—here are five of the best films set in this shining metropolis

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Top 5: Songs in Scorsese

Martin Scorsese’s filmography is stacked with brilliant music – here are the five moments in his films where his choices of songs best demonstrate his genius

Film. Photo: Epic Productions

Top 5: So-bad-they’re-good films

So-bad-they’re-good is a special type of genre of film that only a select few can claim to be a part of; this is when a film becomes so unintentionally bad that the audience can enjoy it as a comedy

National League of Decency

Top 5: Films banned by the National League of Decency

We shed light on five of the most interesting C (for Condemnation) labeled films by the National League of Decency in America, on behalf of the Catholic Church

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Top 5: Worst movie soundtracks

Music has a way of making some films more memorable, but sometimes it’s for the wrong reasons—here are the top five absolute worst film soundtracks