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Top Five

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Top 5: One Take Scenes

It’s a risky business, but sometimes one shot is all it takes to make movie magic. James Moules gives us his top 5 one take scenes


Top 5: Wedding Speeches

Andrianna wraps up her top wedding speeches from film and television

Kill Bill

Top 5: Cereal Scenes

The Film Editors countdown their favourite scenes which snap, crackle and pop


Top 5: Tragic Nolan love interests

Jackson Ball gives us his top 5 christopher nolan countdown of leading ladies who didn’t make it to the end of the film


Top 5: Musical sequences not from a musical

Sarah countdowns the musical moments in movies which make you want to stand up and boogie

Photo: Universal Pictures

Top 5: Actors You Wish Were Your Dad

Francesca Tyler gives us her top 5 fatherly figures in film


Top 5: Movie Robots

Lloyd gives us his Top 5 machines with movie magic


Top 5: One-Eyed Movie Characters

These guys may be partially sighted, but they still know how to pack a punch


Top 5: Travel Films

Parizad Mangi gives us her top 5 films that’ll make you long for next summer!

Suntory Time

Top 5 Movie Drinks

This Freshers’ Week there is a high chance you might drink some alcohol, so why not use that opportunity to get really cinematic?