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Photo: Miriam Mizzi

GRUB Food Fair

GRUB Food Fair, now a staple in any Manchester foodie’s Saturday is coming to a temporary close. Their collaboration with Alphabet Brewing Company ...

Photo: Patrick Young

The Life of Karen and her Pi(es)

The Fallowfield Buy/Sell Facebook group has over fourteen thousand members, if you are one of those members you may well be familiar ...

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Meals Out with an Allergy

We all know meals out are brilliant, but for people with food allergies they can also be a huge pain. Depending on the ...

Photo: Miriam Mizzi

GRUB Food Fair

Posted on Apr 24, 2017 1
Photo: Patrick Young

The Life of Karen and her Pi(es)

Posted on Mar 6, 2017 2
Photo: sweetonveg @Flickr

Meals Out with an Allergy

Posted on Feb 20, 2017 3
Photo: Miriam Mizzi

GRUB Food Fair

We tried and tested a multitude of delicious treats from GRUB Food Fair, held at the Alphabet Brewing Company, before it takes a break from the streets of Manchester

Photo: Patrick Young

The Life of Karen and her Pi(es)

Patrick Young tests out delicious pies he found in the most mysterious corner of Facebook, all thanks to ultimate pie enthusiast and Stockport deli owner, Karen

Photo: sweetonveg@Flickr

Meals Out with an Allergy

With the number of food allergies on the rise, we went to five different restaurants to see how they deal with allergies

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A round up of Manchester’s Fossip

Here’s what’s been going on in Manchester’s ever-thriving food scene

Photo: Fuse Food

Say hello to Fuse Food

Fuse Food is a new show coming to Fuse TV which will have student chefs cook simple, healthy and tasty dishes to inspire other students to save pennies and get back in the kitchen

Photo: Refuge

Restaurants For All Occasions

With Valentine’s Day soon, we thought it would be appropriate to offer a roundup of our favourite destinations for first daters, to long term relationships, to groups of friends who want a fun night out

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A Valentine’s meal in

Yes I am going to use those fancy cooking terms, and so should you!

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‘Clean Eating’ – A Food Fad Gone Wrong?

Some of the biggest foodies of our time are turning their ethos’ on their head, but, how serious are the bad claims against ‘clean eating’?

Photo: Lily Carden

Mix up your mince

Food Editor Lily Carden explores all the ways to eat mince, gifting her classic bolognese recipe

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Meat Allergies

The shocking truth behind the rise of red meat allergies

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Chicken shop supremacy

‘It is a sad reality, but what is one notch worse than the treatment of restaurant waiters and waitresses, is the treatment of people who work at fast-food outlets’

Photo: Felix Sanders & Freddie Hill

The Japan Review

Extracts from a Japanese Food Journal: ‘We were shown to our table by this old lady with a club foot, she would go on to feature outstandingly in the meal’