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Foolproof banana bread

This banana bread recipe is a winner that guarantees a fluffy interior and crisp shell

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Review: Pizza & Prosecco Festival

Pizza and Prosecco under one roof? The simple but effective combination

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Pizza dough used three ways

Pizza, Naan Bread, and Dough Balls – all from one recipe

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New menu at Las Iguanas: adding some spice to chilly autumn days

Mouth-watering additions to the autumn menu announced

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Fallowfield Freshers: your local guide to the best restaurants to visit with a hangover

Whilst the morning after a big night out is likely to be shaped by a hammering headache and acute memory loss, this pick of the best hangover hotspots in Fallowfield will guide you to recovery

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Super quick and healthy salmon supper

Aan easy guide to making a tasty and nutritious weeknight meal

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Easy peasy tikka masala marinade

This is super easy to make and is much healthier, cheaper and faster than ordering an Indian takeaway

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The most outrageous guacamole

Head Food Editor Anokhi Shah is certain you’ll never opt for the supermarket version again

Photo: Vapiano

Want to dine with a difference? Experience the blind taste test at Vapiano

In celebration and anticipation of this year’s Manchester Food and Drink Festival, Vapiano is offering its customers the opportunity to put their taste buds to the test


Preview: Pizza and Prosecco festival

Calling all Pizza and Prosecco enthusiasts, the perfect pair comes to Manchester as part of a national tour on the 16th of September.

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Preview: Alston Bar and Beef launches in Manchester

Whilst a bit on the expensive side, this new restaurant could be the perfect place to take a date (you actually like) or your parents to celebrate exam success

The Tequila Festival 2017

Review: Tequila Festival

Hannah Brierley discovers that hangovers can sometimes be worth the pain at this year’s Tequila Festival in Manchester