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Photo: Hannah Suraya

Review: La Vina Deansgate

Veggies, stay well away! This here restaurant, La Vina, is a carnivore’s paradise

Photo: Anokhi Shah

Review: Inferno Cocktail Bar and Restaurant (The Ram reborn)

Ever wondered what the Ram turned into? Filled with intrigue, I ventured out on a Monday evening to see what it had to offer

Photo: Pexels @Pixabay

Top 5 Pancake Day spots

With Pancake Day right around the corner, we have a look at some of the best spots to celebrate it

Photo: Kai Stachowiak

Review: Extraveganza

Vegan food festival Extraveganza delivers when it comes to well-cooked vegan food, and is sure to convince many a meat-eater to take the plunge

Photo: TerriC @ Pixabay

The best Valentines dining deals 2018

A few good deals if you’re looking to do something romantic on cupid’s big day

Photo: Junho Jung @ Wikimedia Commons

Fish stock for free

Making your own fish stock is a very rewarding and healthy way of giving more body to your risottos, soups, and sauces

Photo: Patrick Young @ The Mancunion

Review: Umezushi

Hidden away in a small industrial railway arch behind Victoria station, this little gem epitomises all things fresh and innovative about Japanese cuisine

Photo: Anokhi Shah @ The Mancunion

Anokhi’s 15 minute meals: Vegan bean chilli and smashed avo

A speedy, feel-good dinner

Photo: Esther Craven

The perfect library lunch: Spanish Omelette

Get ready to abandon the trusted meal deal….

Photo: Millie Nettleton @ The Mancunion

Review: Drake & Morgan

Can a resolution-appropriate 500 calorie meal deal deliver?

Photo: Anokhi Shah @ The Mancunion

Review: The Lowry Hotel – £15.95 three course Jan/Feb menu

It’s time to embrace the affordable glamour. Throughout January and February, the Lowry Hotel has launched a £15.95 three-course menu that is bathed in luxury

Samuel Pigott

Recipe: Chorizo and Roasted Potato Hash

The perfect, indulgent and yet beautifully simple Sunday morning breakfast