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chicken run

Ode to Battery Chickens and Force Fed Geese

‘Chicken Run’ is one of those films which upon enunciating the name, stirs up the flame and fire deep in every child’s bosom. It is…

cathedral city

Taste test – cheddar cheese

Cheese is not just a student staple but a human right, an ingredient that can turn the most boring meal into something delicious (if decidedly…

gin night

A Gin Tasting Night at Lock 91

Dave Marsland, better known as The Drinks Enthusiast, is a great bloke. Warm, engaging and funny, he keeps the room laughing and heckling throughout the…

Photo: Kate Samways


Maddy Hubbard investigates those who use the term ‘bargain bin’ quite literally.

sunday roast 1

Lessons Learnt: How to Make a Hungover Sunday Roast

Still feeling a fair bit sorry for myself after a rather turbulent Friday night Halloween party, on Sunday my boyfriend and I had the brilliant…

Crust free toast

My Day on a Plate

This week, the Mancunion meets Marxist, Belgian refugee and Cheese and Wine Society President Victor Croci.

topkapi tabouleh

Review: Topkapi Palace

Nestled in the middle of Deansgate lies Topkapi Palace, a small Turkish restaurant. Having never been to a Turkish restaurant before I stepped inside not…

cheese and wine

A Review of the Inaugural Cheese and Wine Society Event

It was in the words of one distinguished guest, a long expected party; the 140 pink cloakroom tickets had sold out quicker than Facebook shares…

curry mile

Adventures on Curry Mile – Long Dudi Recipe

Food shopping on the curry mile can feel a bit like you’ve been transported back to your gap year; rows of mysterious fruits and vegetables…

NEW Christmas Organiser Poster

Prematurely festive food – what’s not to like?

Ok so I know what you’re thinking – it’s only October and I’m recommending a Christmas themed event! We haven’t even had Halloween yet! But…

Maddy Hubbard

The Great British Bake Off Debate

Faye Waterhouse and Ben Walker go head to head in a no-holds barred battle to decided whether the Great British Bake Off has the perfect consistency and a satisfying flavour, or languishes at the soggy bottom of food TV.

curry cafe

This ‘n’ That Review

This ‘n’ That delivers authentic charm and a real inner city Indian experience