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Jurassic roast

Sunday dinner needn’t be your standard farmyard bovine.

University Place photo

Carnivorous woe at University Place

It began as so many tales of calamitous misfortune begin, with an innocuous lunchtime lasagne

Bento photo

It’s all about the bento box

Elyssa Mckeown tells us what bento is and where to get it


The real deal

James Watts decides which meal deal is the most edible


In season: rhubarb

In recent years rhubarb has experienced a popularity surge in British restaurants and homes

beer pic

How many calories are you drinking?

If a pint is the equivalent calories of a doughnut, maybe I should rethink my drink

chopped plums pic

Our favourite pancake toppings

If your pancake day was a bit miserable, check out how we did ours!

The Alchemist logo

The Alchemist

What most impressed me was the Smokey Old Fashioned, made in a conical flask and infused with oak chip smoke

Window Sticker Final

The big takeaway review

Win a free £25 takeaway voucher!

8 homemade wholemeal buns

You’ve got the loaf

Get baking!


Basics Bible

James Watts weighs the ups and downs of Sainsbury’s Basics

Food and Drink Campus Map

Food and Drink Campus Map

Here lays the map of the best and worst of the Food and Drink available in and around the University of Manchester’s campus.