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If your exams all went a bit Pete Tong, grab the BBQ tongs. Photo: David Robert Wright @Flickr

Unleash the BBQ

A few barbecue recipes to counteract the grilling exam period

Perhaps the most decadent of our suggestions: Australasia. But hard work deserves reward! Photo: Australasia.

Our pick of graduation restaurants

We’ve compiled a list of restaurants where we’d love to take our parents

Head to 'the best pub in the University vicinity', The Salutation, for that much needed pint. Photo: sgwarnog2010 @Flickr

Celebratory sipping

As the academic year draws to a close, Ben Walker advises on that essential post-exam tipple

Chase away the revision blues with a colourful slice of cake at Teacup. Photo: Frideswide O'Neill

Revision relief

Ashley Scantlebury suggests a tasty change of scenery for your revision blues

The perfect snack for those last minute revision sessions. Photo: Joanna Fox

Sweet potato patties

Try these sweet potato, leek, mushroom and goats’ cheese patties for some pre-deadline energy

Mackerel is filling enough that all you need with it are a few salad leaves, making it ideal for a quick fix

Smoked mackerel with rhubarb and ginger

Put down the revision-induced pot noodle – this mackerel meal is just as instant

Dog Bowl

The Southern Quarter’s new trend: hipster bowling

The heart-stopping 'Kidz Breakfast', weighing in at the weight of a healthy newborn baby. Photo: Jesters Diner

Manchester vs. Food: an unhealthy marketing ploy?

James Griffiths asks if it is wise to borrow food habits from across the pond

A fortune teller, an absinthe lady, a magician - you can't fail to be entertained in this 20s style speakeasy bar. Photo: Lounge 10

Lounge 10

Step into a world of velvet resplendence and mellow gin

Even if you don't become King of the 'Q', it may be worth hanging around for a sample. Photo: Grillstock

Preview: Grillstock

Manchester welcomes Grillstock for its Northern debut

You know what to do if a chef is late to the pass...

Great British Menu Drinking Game

Raise a glass to the Comic Relief edition of Great British Menu!

These golden beauties will surpass a Greggs any day. Photo: su-lin @Flickr

Sun, rugs and sausage rolls

Emily Clark shares the secret of her picnic favourite: the glorious sausage roll