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Simon Binns

In conversation with: Simon Binns

Jessica Hardiman and Emily Clark listen to food writer Simon Binns’ musings on the Manchester restaurant landscape

Listen to your food. Photo: Great Beyond @Flickr

Five great songs about food

Ollie Cartwright nourishes us with these culinary classics

Grill on the Alley exterior. Photo: Heather Cowper @Flickr

The Grill on the Alley

Ben Walker feasts upon Chateaubriand, cognac and thrice-cooked chips at The Grill on the Alley

Oeufs en cocotte is a tasty and cheap way to use up leftovers. Photo: christ-o-phile @Flickr

Cheaper than chips

How do you like your eggs in the morning? Frideswide O’Neill suggests some cheap but eggstremely delicious alternatives

Indulge in a slice or two of double chocolate heaven. Photo: Eve Commander

Double-choc cheesecake

Eve’s cheesecake packs a double chocolate hit, complete with fruity shortcut topping

Sex, drugs and girolles: Anthony Bourdain shares all in Kitchen Confidential. Photo: Renée S @Flickr

Books every foodie should read: #1

With an abundance of gastronomic literature on offer, Maddy Hubbard takes us through the essentials. First up: Bourdain.

Forget it's February - get your summer berries from the freezer section! Photo: no raptors@Flickr

Flip, these pancakes are good

Five of our favourite pancake recipes, with more bacon strips

The king of comfort and indulgence: baked Camembert cheese. Photo: Richard Gaywood @Flickr

Valentine’s Day supper for singletons

Indulge a little this Valentine’s day – you don’t have to be in a relationship to enjoy a slap-up meal

This spicy rice is nice. Photo: Eve Commander

A rookie’s guide to rice

Let this advice become ingrained in your memory

Free Cakes for Kids

Free Cakes for Kids

Bake a cake that makes a difference!

'Hold on! Let me put this on Instagram.' Photo: Great British Chefs @Flickr

‘Food porn’ censored

With restaurants banning customers from taking photos of their meals, we explore the irritating side to harmless food snaps

All style, no substance: is £4 too expensive for a mere slice of cake? Photo: Frideswide O'Neill


The proof of the pudding was not in the eating at Northern Quarter hangout Teacup