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Manchester Eggs


National favourite gets a local remake


How to cook good naked

Follow these two recipes from a daring group of vegans who like to cook whilst tackling the issue of body image

enchilada picture

Turn one meal into three

Follow this recipe for bolognese, chilli con carne and enchiladas – all from the same basic sauce



After scoffing our way through three courses at Giraffe in Spinningfield’s, my accomplice and I knew that we had experienced something far better than Nando’s

fish and chips

A Good Friday

This Friday, instead of spending your limited funds in the Battered Cod to celebrate the start of the weekend, how about making England’s favourite food yourself?

Classic Cosmopolitan

Five favourite watering holes

Five bars in which to spend a jolly evening

White Chocolate and Raspberry Cake

White chocolate and raspberry cake

This cake is really simple to make and goes down a treat

Mackerel Salad

Sustainable Mackerel Salad

As people become increasingly concerned about the stocks of wild fish like cod, tuna and salmon it’s good to give them a break and switch to a more abundant fish like mackerel. Try and make sure the mackerel is MSC approved as it guarantees that it is fished using sustainable methods.

A delicious assortment of beverages

You are what you drink

Aren’t you just the gruff yet refined classic figure of a man, mulling over your whisky, having it straight because you can handle it. Who do you think you are?

Loads of really cold Bluefin Tuna

Plenty more fish in the sea?

My love affair for fish has appropriately become something of the not so distant past.


Kebab Alternatives

I once found myself in a most peculiar state. I had been out for the night and having quite aptly quenched my thirst, I had the usual burning desire for the embrace of my true love – the doner kebab. However, my fairytale ending was not to be as I was all out of cash and thus an unworthy pauper in the eyes of my betrothed. Now what? I could not simply go to bed unsatisfied. So I toddled back to my home and entered my kitchen searching for a remedy.


How to Eat Sushi (and Not Feel Like an Idiot)

The idea of simply eating slabs of raw fish makes me feel somewhat uneasy – thus I hasten to stress that this is not what sushi is all about.