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Go chew the fat with your nearest butcher - they'll give you recipes and cooking tips . Photo: sheffieldhammer @Flickr

Having a butcher’s

Discovering horse DNA in your sausage sandwich is just one of the reasons not to buy meat at supermarkets

Buy this beautiful cheap hunk of meat from your local butcher. Photo: GreatBritishChefs @Flickr

Butcher’s ham hock and lentils

We’re not loin, this piece of meat is a real Babe

Gluten-free menus are increasingly common; check out Home Sweet Home in the Northern Quarter. Photo: Jonny Breakwell

Coeliac in Manchester

Jonny Breakwell tells us about the rise of ‘coeliac friendly’ menus

Smoked salmon trimmings and tinned asparagus sound nowhere near as appealing as their proper counterparts but, once cooked, give the same flavour. Photo: Paul Goyette

Entertaining on a budget: French dinner party

Catering en masse isn’t as expensive as you’d think

Stretch your meals with the bird that just keeps giving. Photo: The_Smiths @Flickr

Cheaper than chips

Frideswide O’Neill offers some frugal tips for your shopping, cooking and eating habits. This week: chicken.

Unfortunately this orange-flavoured beverage isn't the way to go for edible sunshine. Photo: headexplodie @Flickr

The homesick cook

Wholesome ideas for when you’re hankering after home

Mutton dosa was a good call. Photo: Ollie Cartwright

Dosa Xpress

Something humble about the slightly bland vegetable-prone dosa makes it very comforting

Manchester's Midland Hotel is setting up two Simon Rogan restaurants. Photo: Gene Hunt @Flickr

Manchester’s Michelin prospects

Manchester may finally be reentering the Michelin Guide, but does the Mancunian restaurant scene need it?

The leather sofa and open fireplace vibe adds to The Metropolitan's lovely Sunday lunch. Photo: Gene Hunt @Flickr

Making a meal of Manchester

Thus begins our anti- Nando’s campaign

Sweeten up your burgers by making them out of cake. Photo: Natalie Ingham

Burger cakes

The burger craze has now hit the dessert course with these fun cakes

Can Nigella regain her popularity after flop Nigellissima? Photo: Hugo Burnand,

Nigella Lawson: love or loathe?

This week we place the sultry Nigella Lawson under the meticulous Food & Drink section’s microscope

And they're not all alcoholic! Photo: edenza @Flickr

12 Drinks of Christmas

Trust us, there’s a Christmas drink to suit every mood