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Vegetable boxes can inspire chefdom in the least cheffy of us

The Manchester Students’ Food Co-operative

Join the veg box scheme to avoid the uniformity over-packaged nightmare of supermarket veg

The Function Room is a modern nightclub with two massive wooden lizards on the wall

The Function Room

This new drinking spot offers a dance floor and intimate bar combo

Go on, enjoy a pie at Pi. Photo: Adam Bruderer @Flickr

Let me tell you about Chorlton

Are you sitting comfortably? Let Ben Walker watalk you through the culinary hot-spots of charming Chorlton

Great idea, but does it live up to expectations? Photo: Get Baked

Get lost, Get Baked

This student baking venture needs to up its game

The port Cobbler being strained, complete with freshly squeezed grapefruit and lemon juice

Cocktail masterclass from The Liquorists

We spoke to Jody Monteith of The Liquorists, who gave us a few tips to revolutionise your drinking habits

Next we'll all be foraging for our food in Platt Fields, just like this dish from Noma

The student foodie generation

Bon voyage baked beans, hello risotto

This pasta dish is a twist on the usual student stuff. Photo: Joanna Fox

Mini pasta-risotto hybrid

Making the world feel better one bowl at a time

Charcuterie, bread, wine, oysters, cake and the Cellerier cheese counter are all harboured in this incredible French market. Photo: Joanna Fox

Bon appétit: a study abroad year in Lyon

Joanna reminisces about the food she was eating this time last year

Artistic candles and a tie-dye sheet set the scene for an eventful evening

Come Have Dinner With Me Final – Ollie

Naked waiters and succulent lamb complete the final of the first cycle

The gruesome Shot to the Brain. Photo: Andrew Shaw

Recipe: haunting Halloween cocktails

Raise your spirits with these ghastly and gruesome cocktails

These pumpkin brownies are to die for. Photo: Alexandra Williams

Recipe: Halloween baking

Lucy McLean and Alexandra Williams have come up with some tasty ways to use up pumpkin leftovers

The majestic riverside location of The Mark Addy. Photo: innpictime @Flickr

The Mark Addy

Maddy Hubbard reviews The Mark Addy, a beautiful riverside ‘true gem’