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Giant dishes of paella make for great street food at the Festival Hub. Photo: Hafsah Saadiqah

Manchester Food and Drink Festival

Find out what Manchester’s best foodies are bringing to the table

Carrots are a good source of vitamin A. This will help you see who you're pulling on those dark fresher's club nights. Photo: Jess Hardiman

My mother’s carrot & thyme soup

This delicious soup will save you from scurvy in Welcome Week

Apparently sampling 10 lots of noodles isn't that fun. Photo: Stefan van Bremen

The Great Noodle Poll

We’ve been ramen in the noodles to decide which brand is best

Ask for a Screwball cocktail or an exotic beer Photo: Lisa Murgatroyd

Oxford Road Pub Guide

Find out what the best drinks are and where to find them, be you fresher or veteran

Morrison's savers range

Poorest budgets eaten up by food

5.2 million cash-strapped homes hit hardest by grocery bills

A welcome alternative to a diet of soggy tuna subs

Eat Goody Review

The end of mayonnaise sandwiches


Jurassic roast

Sunday dinner needn’t be your standard farmyard bovine.

University Place photo

Carnivorous woe at University Place

It began as so many tales of calamitous misfortune begin, with an innocuous lunchtime lasagne

Bento photo

It’s all about the bento box

Elyssa Mckeown tells us what bento is and where to get it


The real deal

James Watts decides which meal deal is the most edible


In season: rhubarb

In recent years rhubarb has experienced a popularity surge in British restaurants and homes

beer pic

How many calories are you drinking?

If a pint is the equivalent calories of a doughnut, maybe I should rethink my drink