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Time to bake cake

Three easy and delicious cake recipes to cope with term-time stress

A jam tart disguised as a playing card

I’ve been to Heston’s

Five short hours of bliss


In season: leeks

How to cook with this humble winter vegetable


Grapes of wrath

A suspicious wine that causes pain to its drinkers


In season: apples

It is with great pleasure that I can say the season of the apple is upon us. It has come to that time of year…

No longer must your stuffed peppers sit lonely in the oven – start stuffing courgettes and tomatoes too

Get into the Greek

Three easy ways to transform your cooking

Who is the bean queen?

Beanz Meanz Heinz

But queen beans or has-beans?

Food markets in Manchester

Pick of the Manchester Food and Drink Festival

The Manchester Food and Drink Festival, hosting events aimed at foodies as well as those just wanting to grab a kebab and cheesy chips.


Sainsbury’s Basics Red Wine

Judging by the colour, this wine was probably brewed in someone’s boot about a week ago

Southern 11

Southern Eleven

Barbecue no longer has to mean blackened burgers, scorched sausages and your dad’s God complex coming to the fore over a bag of charcoal from the supermarket.

The Manchester Tart

The Manchester Tart

Is there anything this city doesn’t have?

Manchester Eggs


National favourite gets a local remake