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Lancs cricketer Steve Croft plays Most Wanted at the EA hub in Piccadilly Gardens Credit: EA

Need For Speed: Most Wanted Preview

EA demos new Need for Speed in Piccadilly Gardens, here are our first impressions

Darren Bent promotes Medal of Honor: Warfighter with Football Awareness Test

England striker stars in game ad

Spot the difference. Screenshots from FIFA 12 and FIFA 13

Deja Vu: Fans angry at EA for releasing identical game

Gamers angry as EA releases carbon copy FIFA 13 on the WIi and PS Vita


Retro Corner: Resident Evil 1

Matthew Humphreys looks at a survival horror classic

Angry Birds the breakout star of smartphone gaming Credit: LGEPR

Smartphones: The Future of Gaming?

Alasdair Preston looks at the rise of smartphone gaming

Screenshot from Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 – Review

Jonathan Lee and Sam Mossop review Guild Wars 2

Players will use the Kinect to cast spells in Fable: The Journey

Fable: The Journey

Jack Crutcher looks at the latest entry in the Fable series

At $200 Million in development costs, The Old Republic is the most expensive game of all time

The Rise and Fall of The Old Republic

Jonathan Edwards looks at the issues facing the most expensive video-game of all time

Crash, bang, wallop: our favourite bandicoot spins his way to freedom

Retro Corner: Crash Bandicoot

Andrew Williams reminisces about a brilliant game from a simpler time – the 1996 masterpiece Crash Bandicoot

Will Pure Pwnage be the best gaming movie ever?

The greatest gaming movie ever?

Web series Pure Pwnage to get crowd funded movie.

Gamers now head to places such as Kyoto Lounge to play. Photo: GGvogue @Flickr

Gamers get social

Robert Muirhead looks at the phenomenon of social gaming.

Fast pasted co-op action in Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 – Review

Alasdair Preston takes a look at Borderlands 2.