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Replayability and the illusion of choice: the Telltale paradox

A look at the complications of branching narratives

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Valve axe Steam Machines from storefront

Valve’s answer to accessible, console-style PC gaming drops off the radar

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Review: Far Cry 5

Far Cry returns with a big, bloody, but ultimately banal installment

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Review: A Way Out

A cinematic throwback to the glory days of couch co-op

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Review: The Council – Episode 1, ‘The Mad Ones’

Big Bad Wolf’s debut title offers potential and disappointment in equal measure

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Review: Sea of Thieves

An accomplished co-op adventure marred by a lack of launch day content


Anthem reeks of EA’s stifling over-ambition

Anthem looks great on the surface, but under the hood there is cause for concern


Call of Duty: MW2 remaster rumours gather steam

A remaster might finally be on its way, but it may not feature multiplayer

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Gamers fight back against POTUS

The community comes up Trumps after violent video game meeting


Interview: The Occupation

White Paper Games tell us about their first game since Ether One

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Review: Immortal Redneck

The name is the worst thing about it

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Should we be worried about game servers shutting down?

The multiplayer portion of your favourite games won’t be around forever