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Copenhagen's beautiful dockside. Photo: La Citta Vita @flickr

Experience… Copenhagen

Becky Leddy offers her take on the Danish capital, Copenhagen.

Are you the next David Mitchell or Robert Webb? Photo: Channel 4

Dream Jobs – Comedy Screenwriter

Reckon you can make people laugh? A career as a comedy screen writer may be just the ticket

University gives you the opportunity to meet people like no other institution can Photo: Martin Klefas-Stennettr

Student 101 – Life Lessons from Fresher’s Week

Zara Zubeidi reminisces on freshers’ week in her hot student topic column.

Connor & Morvan

Blind date: Connor and Morag

Our first blind date of the year!

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Could we go the distance?

Dana takes us on a rocky ride through her ‘man detox’

Fancy creating your own ride? Photo: turkletom @flickr

Dream Jobs – Roller Coaster Designer

Looking for a job less ordinary… How about scaring people for a living?

Reichstag Building. Photo: Leszek Kozlowski

Experience… Berlin

Becky Leddy takes us away to Berlin to sample bars, beaches and graffiti galore.

Photo: splatt22 @Flickr

Student 101 – The Cycling Boom

Thinking of taking to the streets on two wheels… Read here first!

Photo: Alex Nursall

Tales from between the sheets

Got a story to share? Please send your bedroom blunders to Names will be changed!

Jennie Agg. Photo: Joe Sheffer

60 seconds with… Jennie Agg

For our first interview we get to know former editor of the Mancunion and now sub-editor at the Daily Mail, Jennie Agg.


Sex tips: tried, tested, rejected

You’ve read them in Cosmo and Men’s Health, now see if they really work

Photo: Emily Brown

Blind date: Lily and Tom

This week buff Bio Med student, Tom, met leggy Lifestyle Editor, Lily, for the final blind date of the year!