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Are you the next David Mitchell or Robert Webb? Photo: Channel 4

Dream Jobs – Comedy Screenwriter

Reckon you can make people laugh? A career as a comedy screen writer may be just the ticket

University gives you the opportunity to meet people like no other institution can Photo: Martin Klefas-Stennettr

Student 101 – Life Lessons from Fresher’s Week

Zara Zubeidi reminisces on freshers’ week in her hot student topic column.

Connor & Morvan

Blind date: Connor and Morag

Our first blind date of the year!

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Could we go the distance?

Dana takes us on a rocky ride through her ‘man detox’

Fancy creating your own ride? Photo: turkletom @flickr

Dream Jobs – Roller Coaster Designer

Looking for a job less ordinary… How about scaring people for a living?

Reichstag Building. Photo: Leszek Kozlowski

Experience… Berlin

Becky Leddy takes us away to Berlin to sample bars, beaches and graffiti galore.

Photo: splatt22 @Flickr

Student 101 – The Cycling Boom

Thinking of taking to the streets on two wheels… Read here first!

Photo: Alex Nursall

Tales from between the sheets

Got a story to share? Please send your bedroom blunders to Names will be changed!

Jennie Agg. Photo: Joe Sheffer

60 seconds with… Jennie Agg

For our first interview we get to know former editor of the Mancunion and now sub-editor at the Daily Mail, Jennie Agg.


Sex tips: tried, tested, rejected

You’ve read them in Cosmo and Men’s Health, now see if they really work

Photo: Emily Brown

Blind date: Lily and Tom

This week buff Bio Med student, Tom, met leggy Lifestyle Editor, Lily, for the final blind date of the year!

Anne Hathaway made it look so easy

Not like the movies

Surprise, surprise real life doesn’t have a Hollywood ending