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Remember to always consult your GP directly if you have any health concerns

Ask Keir: Social smoking

This week Keir offers advice on helping your friends to quit smoking

Hip. Photo by Chris8800

Body Modification or Mutilation

Ear piercing, tattoos and even covering up entirely.

Twilight, UKIP and arse pinching tendencies. That's more like it. Taken by Kay Lubwika.

Blind date: Richard and Emily

Another scoring of 8 for this date? Or will they break the mould?

Remember to always consult your GP directly if you have any health concerns.

Ask Keir: Sexual health

Lifestyle’s new health column brought to you from Keir Stone-Brown

Needing a calculator to count up past rendezvous' should also cause some worry. Taken by Paul Li

Got your number

Are there people out there literally hacking notches into their bedpost?

Too much information. Taken by Anders Adermark

Up too close and personal

Could talking about sex with our parents have a direct effect upon the rates of STI’s and teenage pregnancy in Britain?

Did sparks fly between Lisa and Joe? Taken by Michael Jimene

Blind date: Lisa and Joe

Mugabe, Zimbabwe and Katy Perry. Could this couples’ cultural chit chat lead to more?

You can take your Tolstoy, your Shakespeare and your Dickens and stick it.

I’m an English Literature student and I hate books

Shock, horror. It’s true.

Saying it how it is. Taken by Roey Ahram

Just a phoney

Boys, read and take note

Taken by Patrycja Marczewska

I love it; I love it not

The loving and loathing of linguistics and literature

These are my confessions. Taken by Ronaldo Lima


Not just a solution for cyber-sins

Colton Witt

No rest for the wicked

Get up, get dressed and do something productive with your day