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Photo: Emily Brown

Blind date: Sol and Annaliese

Will love blossom for Sol and Annaliese as they discuss hippy parents and the stale smell of Fifth Ave?

Nobody told him Movember was over long ago

Why Manchester is too alternative for it’s own good

Being a dickhead’s cool, right?


The rise of hypochondria

Who needs a Medicine degree when you’ve got NHS Direct?

Remember to always consult your GP directly if you have any health concerns

Ask Keir: Ear wax

Keir gives advice on the age old problem of blocked ears

The steak still proves popular for this week's couple at Deaf Institute

Blind date: Tom and Tessa

Will it be top marks all round for Tom and Tessa on this week’s blind date?


Opinion: Nights out in Manchester

Following on from the Music section’s ever so controversial opinion piece: Why I Hate Murkage…

Mr Muscle at the ready

Confessions of a student spring cleaner

Apparently not all students are filth-ridden slobs. Who knew?!

Where's Mr Motivator when you need him?


Aerobics is for maniacs

Could you survive late night JRUL visits without the vending machine? Dare yourself

The Lent Diet

Natalie Clark discusses the purpose of Lent in a secular society

graduation ceremony-1

Spring clean your CV

It’s never too late to give your CV the sparkle it’s been missing

Star Wars friends

Blind date: Vicky and Dan

More solid 7’s as Dan and Vicky connect over a mutual love for folk music and Star Wars

Never thought of literature as an aphrodisiac before? Find a whole new use for tomorrow's seminar reading.

Smurf up your sex life

Alternative (and resourceful) sex tips from Emilia Hazel