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Taken by Neil Conway

Helping or hindering the homeless?

A look at the ethics behind volunteering

Soup kitchen

Tales of a soup kitchen volunteer

Kitchen chaos, crowd control and kindness



The confidential listening and information service run for students by students

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Cashing in on charity

Taken by Kymberley Janisch

Helping the homeless

Disabled Student’s Officer, Maggie Suissa talks about her experiences as a volunteer

Tanzaniaaahhhh - taken by Tom Basley

In Afric-aah

A stereotype on her gap yah

Photo by Scott Hamilton

Changing the world; one kid at a time

Those who can’t do, teach.

Taken by Frans de Wit

A Roman holiday (on the cheap)

Italian getaway anyone? Oh go on then.


Shakira gets a Gold star

The Colombian pop singer’s legacy is honored with a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. But is it deserved?

Peak District - Jonny Whiting

Places to go, people to see…

Break away from the comforts of Oxford Road and see what else is out there.

Malcolm X

The importance of Black and Ethnic Minorities Week

Fahim Sachedina, tells The Mancunion about the significance of Black and Ethnic Minorities Week which takes place across the university this week

Bonding over cider. Taken by Jonny Whiting.

Blind date: Rob and Rosie

Will things turn out all Rosie for this social sciences couple? Or will he Rob her heart on this week’s blind date?