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People are different colours. Photo by Frame of Reference

Black history month is still not history

Black and Ethnic Week at the University

You’ll be there for me?

The channel switch that has ruined student schedules everywhere.


A class above the rest

One place at university and a bump up the class system, please.

Love at first sight? Taken by Lionel Ho

Blind Date: Tom and Naomi

Civil Engineering stud, Tom, meets Linguistics lover, Naomi, over some steak and sticky toffee pud!


The Travelling Bug

The travelling bug has hit students everywhere, get yourself down to STA for treatment now.

Would you rather know? Taken by Seth Rader.

Baby, let’s try something new

Open relationships. Can they ever really work?

The happy couple. Taken by Lionel Ho.

Blind date: Adam and Grainne

History student, Grainne, meets Archaeology and Anthropology student, Adam for the first blind date of the year.

Oh hey. Photo by  Johnny Yanok

Hola, Je speak plusieurs لغات‎

The attitude that English alone is enough creates self-imposed limitations.

Jibba Jabba photography (yes, really...)

Je ne comprends pas

Multilingual? No, me neither.

Hip shaker and multiple linguist Shakira.   Photo: Naila Missous

Multi-lingual celebrities: Who knew?

They’re oh so talented, and everyone wants a piece of them. And with the added charm they speak another language.

Sexist, or just a joke? Photo from

Calm down dear, it’s just misogyny

Topshop t-shirts create uproar at sexist slogans.

John Rylands is your friend.

“When I was a Fresher…”

New life away from home, the sniffles and best friends forever (or, for that week anyway).