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You can take your Tolstoy, your Shakespeare and your Dickens and stick it.

I’m an English Literature student and I hate books

Shock, horror. It’s true.

Saying it how it is. Taken by Roey Ahram

Just a phoney

Boys, read and take note

Taken by Patrycja Marczewska

I love it; I love it not

The loving and loathing of linguistics and literature

These are my confessions. Taken by Ronaldo Lima


Not just a solution for cyber-sins

Colton Witt

No rest for the wicked

Get up, get dressed and do something productive with your day

I need a dollar, a dollar is what I need. Community Friend Photography.

What ‘grinds my gears’: Being a skint student

The art of student ‘budgeting’ – having enough money for vodka and clothes but not for rent

She's sexy, she's cute, she's popular to boot. Taken by Pete Morawski

Girl crush

Natalie Portman: what’s not to love?

Photo by ypalmier

Scon or Scone?

The North South student divide

If only log fires were a standard feature of every student house. Taken by Nathan Huth.

To heat, or not to heat

Get your long johns on, winter is here.

Delightful or dangerous? SJ photography

Time to end this firework farce

Should we move on from the firework traditions of the past?

Senior Supermarket Sweep

Student Action

Feeling inspired reading about the volunteering experiences of others? Want some of that warm fuzzy feeling for yourself? Get involved with Student Action.

Taken by Maxwell Hamilton

Sense experience

The benefits and challenges of volunteering on a canal boating holiday with deaf blind charity Sense