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If only... Taken by Leo Del Rosa

Money doesn’t grow on trees

The different spectrums of student budgets

Tip number 7: buy me this dog. Taken by Sara Strange.

Top tips for being a good Secret Santa

Because it can so easily go very, very wrong…

What to do... what to do?!! Taken to by Justin Norris

New years dread

The annual, dreaded conversation comes round again

Multicultural christmas! Taken by Frankie Roberto.

Oh I wish it could be Christmas, everyday?

Naila Missous shares her alternative experiences of Christmas

Oh the weather outside is frightful. Taken by Evan Forrester.

Family merriment

Christmas a la Austria

Vomalicious. Taken by Francesco Crippa

Have yourself a very veggie Christmas

The evils of vegetarianism

Lock up, lights on. Taken by Steven Taschuk.

Peace of mind and goodwill to all students

Keep your house safe and sound over the Christmas break

Remember to always consult your GP directly if you have any health concerns

Ask Keir: Social smoking

This week Keir offers advice on helping your friends to quit smoking

Hip. Photo by Chris8800

Body Modification or Mutilation

Ear piercing, tattoos and even covering up entirely.

Twilight, UKIP and arse pinching tendencies. That's more like it. Taken by Kay Lubwika.

Blind date: Richard and Emily

Another scoring of 8 for this date? Or will they break the mould?

Remember to always consult your GP directly if you have any health concerns.

Ask Keir: Sexual health

Lifestyle’s new health column brought to you from Keir Stone-Brown

Needing a calculator to count up past rendezvous' should also cause some worry. Taken by Paul Li

Got your number

Are there people out there literally hacking notches into their bedpost?