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Sexist, or just a joke? Photo from

Calm down dear, it’s just misogyny

Topshop t-shirts create uproar at sexist slogans.

John Rylands is your friend.

“When I was a Fresher…”

New life away from home, the sniffles and best friends forever (or, for that week anyway).

On campus

Welcome Week Survival list

You could survive without it but it’s always handy.

Foam parties - Fresher's favourite or danger zone with risk of potential shoe loss?

The power of retrospect

Bribes, balance and realistic goals

It'll be alright on the night. Photo by Crises Crs Flickr.

Blind Date

It’s back.

Recycling facilities on campus


Why University should set an environmental agenda, and fast.

The attack on Wilmslow Road happened after an argument at a house party  Photo: Nick Whiting

Defeating the stereotype

A brief introduction to the Lifestyle section and how you can get involved with writing