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Turbowolf Thumbnail

Album: Turbowolf – Turbowolf

Big release for stunning live band Turbowolf, but can their debut album live upto expectations?

(Credit to Brittney Bush Bollay/KEXP)

Live: The Antlers

A modest but devoted crowd greet Brooklyn band The Antlers.

Dum Dum Girls (Credit to Tyson Wirtzfeld)

Live: Dum Dum Girls

The Dum Dum Girls manage to achieve the rare feat of recalling Joy Division in a manner that isn’t jarringly obvious.

A 'tache is for life, not just Movember. (Photo courtesy of Roadrunner Records)

Live: The Darkness @ Academy 1

Think Frankie Cocozza’s the most badass, rock n roll knobhead you’ve ever seen strutting his stuff? You’ve clearly never seen The Darkness then.

Future of the Left - Polymers Are Forever

Album: Future of the Left – Polymers Are Forever

This overlooked British outfit still know how to produce some of the most gutsy and infectious rock music around.

Bradford Cox

Album: Atlas Sound – Parallax

A wonderfully beguiling and sensitive record from Deerhunter frontman, Bradford Cox.

The Alabama 3. Or 9.

Album: Alabama 3 – Shoplifting 4 Jesus

An album packed full of country, funk, blues, gospel, acid house, dubstep and afrobeat. Something for everyone then.

The Vision album cover

Album: Joker – The Vision

Surprises lay in wait even for those who thought they knew the established producer very well.

Dog Is Dead.

Live: Dog Is Dead @ Sound Control

Dog Is Dead: nothing that you’ve not heard done better a dozen times before.

Florence and the Machine - Ceremonials

Album: Florence and the Machine – Ceremonials

In becoming more confident, the songs lose the nervous emotional intensity that made them so endearing.


Live: Micron 5th Birthday @ Joshua Brooks

Very much an overlooked venue, Joshua Brooks provides a 5 star worthy night of music.

One for the ladies.

Live: Incubus @ Apollo

Warning: article contains a half-naked photo of Brandon Boyd. Don’t say we don’t give you anything nice to look at.