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Photo: Wikimedia Commons: Greater Manchester Combined Authority

Child sexual exploitation assurance review underway

The report comes in response to public concern regarding issues raised in recent broadcasts

Photo: Photographic Leigh @ Wikimedia Commons

Mayor Andy Burnham awarded Doubleday Award

Mayor has been praised for demonstrating “great leadership for our community in the wake of the tragic events”

Balfour celebrations on campus protest. Photo: Hana Jafar

Balfour ‘Celebrations’ on campus enrage students and staff

The organisation of independent groups celebrating the centenary of the Balfour Declaration on the University campus has sparked outrage amongst some members of the university

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Playboy’s history in Manchester

The Mancunion remembers Playboys legacy in Manchester following the death of Hugh Hefner

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National Hate Crime Awareness Week

This week marks the start of UK’s ‘National Hate Crime Awareness Week’ here in Manchester

Image: dannyman @ Flickr

Migration researchers team up with theatre group

The multi-media theatre production is part of the University of Manchester’s first-ever Manchester Migration Month spanning across October

Photo: Mike Turner @ Flickr

Campaign launched to tackle hate crime on campus

The University of Manchester receives new funding to tackle hate crime and harassment on campus

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WE’RE ON STRIKE: staff to protest job cuts

With many seminars and lectures cancelled, University of Manchester students are set to join striking staff and demonstrate against the proposed staff cuts

Image: Lucy Emms

Love for the Streets: Halloween soundclash

Love for the Streets CEO believes that the event is an opportunity to “take something that previously had no social value and make it socially impactful”

Photo: Temi Adedeji

The Manchester Tyrants: who are they?

Taking a look at the university’s team in an ever-growing sport

Image: Divy @ Commons Wikimedia

New bus pass not possible until April 2018

Controversy surrounds the creation of an affordable “pass accepted by First and Stagecoach”, a stated priority of the General Secretary

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Free IFS talk on whether rich pay enough tax

“If you care about who’s paying for our public services, you should come to our public talk on the 24th” said IFS Associate Director ahead of free public talk