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Genetic link to intelligence found

Stereotypes of intelligent parents producing intelligent kids might be more true than you think.

Eco-friendly biominerals grown in lab

Material which makes up shells and bones recreated in a lab.

Graphene to be used in ‘next generation of computer chips’

Two Nobel prize winning professors at Manchester University believe they can create the next generation of computer chips


Urbee, the world’s most futuristically manufactured car

Using the process of 3-D printing, the environmentally friendly Urbee hybrid car displays the future of manufacturing.

NASA satellite UARS

NASA five-tonne satellite crashes off US west coast

After decades of service to science, a NASA satellite has crashed into the earth under much confusion as to where it would land.

Apple in court again

Apple are in court proceedings once again, this time accused of copyright infringement by VIA Technologies.

Photo: Jonathan Whiting

The Manchester Beanie

The story of the Manchester students who made a success of selling Manchester emblazoned headwear

Students protest against EMA removal at a time when youth unemployment is at its highest

Youth unemployment highest since records began

Almost 1 million 16-24 year olds are currently unemployed in the UK

Former student sentenced to three years in jail after armed robbery on store he used to work in. Photo: Gordon Joly

Debt-ridden former student robs store he used to work at

Former student with debts of thousands of pounds robs £20,000 of cash from store he used to work at

The admissions office at Oxford University fell into chaos when prospective students were allowed to email everyone on a mailing list. Exchanges between applicants soon escalated to abuse

A million unwanted emails sent after Oxford admin blunder

Microsoft blocked all mail from university accounts for a week when an admin mistake left people with over 400 unwanted emails each

Lecturers from the University of Glasgow on strike in March this year

Lecturers threaten to strike over pension dispute

The average lecturer could lose £100,000 during the course of their retirement, under new plans

The university offered undergraduate and postgraduate degrees validated by the troubled University of Wales.

650 pupils stranded as university goes bust

– Foreign students left stranded after sudden closure of University of Wales affiliated college.
– Bailiffs arrive just hours after closure is announced