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Dame Nancy Rothwell speaking at a meeting with students in the UMSU building. Photograph: Jonathan Whiting

Some staff ‘do not think that students are important’, says VC

Dame Nancy Rothwell has argued that the University of Manchester’s poor performance in league tables measuring student satisfaction is because some staff do not care about students

The Mars500 crew

Mock Mars mission safely ‘lands’

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus: six men together locked in isolation for 500 days


App store falls victim to hacker

So you can find a worm in your Apple

Mickey Mouse

Handheld Projectors for Multiplayer Games

Disney to embark upon a
‘whole new world’ for handheld gaming

The late Steve Jobs

Did Jobs’ rejection of conventional medicine cost him his life?

Steve Jobs: 1955-2011

Puppy Love

Man(chester)’s Best Friend

University awarded funding for major study into the relationship between man and dog

Light Speed

Experiment which broke speed of light being rerun

Neutrino’s broke the speed limit, so physicists will try the test again

Branson's SpaceShipTwo

Branson’s Virgin Galactic boldly goes where no entrepreneur has gone before

Branson aims for the space with an ‘out of this world’ project

Felonious Penguin

Penguin crime rates rocket in Antarctica

BBC witness avian avarice


New iPhone disappoints

Fruitless Apple need a turnover

New drug combinations are tested and evolve

Perfect drug combinations evolved at University of Manchester

Researchers at the university evolve drugs to be harder, better, faster, stronger

Blackberry Curve

Crackberry to Crashberry

Blackberry users can enjoy the free apps and return to using their “crackberries”.