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Sun over John Donne's

A Tribute to John Donne (and Stephen Nashef)

We are whole countries caught in cotton

A sight for sore eyes

The Ten A.M. Thought

…that this pissy and ungourmet coffee undercompensates for a last night on the tiles and the bourbon with the boys.


The Storm’s Sonnet

Fourteen lines rotate like a weather vane

Ciutadella Park

Ciutadella Park

In the corner, across from the fountain, sits Peter Proma



Nothing is spoken

Nameless birds, thrushes maybe – blue-tits, swallows


And dry toast, and hardbook books

Slipped in through the bricks

On Sunday Night

On Sunday night we howl



The cotton mill roar in his voice

Sunset strip

Our Own Sunset Strip

This is Manchester


My Life in Bastard Japanese

Each day opens slowly | but the nights are folded up | and concentrated.

Stormy Fish and Chips

A Storm

“Fuck off, I don’t want to get worms!”

Keep us away from “disapproving” feminists at student fair, asks MENS society

A society which deals with male health and social issues made a request not to be placed near a number of left wing and feminist groups during last month’s student fair, it has emerged.

The Masculinity Exploration Networking and Support (MENS) society feared they would be disturbed by members of feminist, communist and socialist societies on other stalls if placed too close to them.

The MENS society was formed last year amidst extensive debate over their aims and purposes, with some accusing the latent group of sexism.

Gareth Morris, the society’s Chair, said, “The MENS society did ask to be allocated a stall away from other societies – to wit Communist Students, the Socialist Workers’ Party, the Riveters and New Student Writing. The reasoning for this was very simple; in the past, certain members from these groups (though by no means all of them) have disapproved of the activities of the MENS society.