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Jeremy Paxman will be asking the questions for what is possibly the most refined pub quiz on earth

LIVE: the University Challenge final

We’re here with the team, the final is imminent. Stay tuned.

Cross Street Chapel has become the first religious premises to offer civil partnerships. Photo: Thomas Harrison

Manchester chapel offers same-sex civil partnerships

Liberal religious congregations across the country are being encouraged to conduct the services

An ecstatic Nick Pringle celebrates victory as newly elected General Secretary Photo: Paul Campbell

A crisp finish for Pringle

The new UMSU representatives have been elected in a contest that was influenced by endorsements from the largest societies

Daniel Whiteley was found at the bottom of a 15ft embankment in Platt Fields Park after receiving multiple head injuries. Photo: Paul Campbell

Three charged with attempted murder of student in Platt Fields Park

Three people have been charged with the attempted murder of Manchester student Daniel Whiteley

Left to right: Team captain Tristan Burke, Michael McKenna, coach Stephen Pearson and Paul Joyce (Photo: Joshua Carroll)

Manchester’s University Challenge finalists: ‘winning wasn’t important for us’

The team say that by the end of the semi-final, they were just happy be in the competition


Mancunion Editor Election March 2012: Candidates & Manifestos

This is a message for contributors eligible to vote in the Mancunion Editor election

We are live blogging the entire event, join the drama right here

LIVE: The 2012 UMSU Elections

Student election results are announced tonight. Follow our live blog for all the action and join the conversation

The John Rylands University Library collected nearly £75K in one term

John Rylands collects nearly £75k fines in just one term

University libraries collect tens of thousands of pounds in fines

The Alan Gilbert building at the University of Melbourne

Alan Gilbert legacy hides private university dream

Late Vice Chancellor Alan Gilbert’s views on private universities revealed

Picture 3

Where are they now? – Bosko Balaban

Taking a look at what sports stars of the past are up to now….

Barack Obama

Presidential Race 2012: Science Policies

The policies of Obama and the Republican candidates will have a major impact on funding and laws governing science research


“Rambo of the food crops” as saviour from climate change famine

The Cassava plant is expected to flourish under climate change where others wilt