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Council cracks down on ‘Studentification’

• New legal powers to stop areas being ‘Overrun’ with student housing
• Pressure from residents groups to “save local communities”
• Concerns over discrimination against students

Cycle sprint

Advances in drug testing for 2012

London 2012 Olympians to face even more comprehensive drugs testing to catch out the cheats

Houses of parliament pic

Parliamentary committee rejects NUS choice to head Offa

The BIS select committee has decided not to endorse Les Ebdon’s candidacy

Dame Nancy Rothwell Pic

Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell to advise Prime Minister on science and technology

David Cemeron has appointed Dame Rothwell to co-chair the Council for Science and Technology

Turing is widely thought of as the founder of computer science

Calls to pardon Alan Turing rejected by ministers

John Leech’s campaign to clear the Manchester war hero’s name hits a stumbling block

Daniel Stringer-Prince (pictured) was assaulted earlier this month Photo: MEN Media

Man arrested over “racial” attack

An Asian man has been arrested in connection with a suspected hate crime

Former chaplain at Guantanamo Bay, James Yee, addresses students about the treatment of detainees there Photo: Christabel Hollingsworth

“There might be people from the US government right here in the audience”

Former Guantanamo Bay army chaplain meets Manchester students

Football fans enjoying the game

RAG scores touchdown with Superbowl night success

RAG raised £500 by organizing a themed night at the SU Bar on the opening night of the superbowl

Photo: Paul Campbell

“Sessions of torture”

A Manchester student takes us inside Assad’s sinister regime

Facebook Logo

Facebook, the next bubble?

Last week saw the stock market debut of Facebook, whose initial public offering (IPO) has been surrounded by much hype. Investors purchasing Facebook’s shares will…

Giant Panda

A panda eats, shoots and leaves to extinction?

Claims we should accept that some species are too dire to save gain support

Autistic brains found to have increased neuron number

Autism may begin in the womb

Increased number of neurons discovered to be common in autistic brains