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Capturing the aftermath: Sean Sutton talks to The Mancunion

“I want my images to show them not as victims, but survivors.”

“Marching alone isn’t going to cut it”

Demonstrators from Manchester were among the first to break into Tory headquarters in London last week, as up to 50,000 marched on Embankment to protest education cuts and a rise in tuition fees.

Nutty Professors

Manchester Scientists win Nobel Prize

Two scientists at the University of Manchester have won the Nobel Prize for physics. The scientists were awarded the prize for their pioneering work on graphene, which they discovered in 2004.

Professor Andrew Geim’s and Professor Konstantin Novoselov’s Nobel Prize means there are currently four Novel Laureates at The University of Manchester. The pair were awarded the highest accolade in the scientific world for their pioneering work on graphene: the world’s thinnest material. Professor Novoselov, 36, is also the youngest Nobel Laureate since 1973.

In memorial: Tom Hurndall

Tom Hurndall, a Manchester Metropolitan University student, was shot and killed by an Israeli sniper in April 2003. Hurndall was a photographer, and a member of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), an organisation that use non-violent protest against the Israeli military in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

‘Ed Miliband in Conversation’ at University, hours before Labour victory

The Mancunion speaks to Ed Miliband ahead of his Labour Leadership victory as he gives a Q&A session at University Place.

Voting Referendum: Yes or No?

Voting is underway to determine whether future Union policy should be decided by an online voting system.

5000 protesters bring Manchester to a standstill

An estimated 5,000 students from Manchester’s universities and colleges marched through the city centre last week. Lecturers, parents, and local politicians joined students in bringing Oxford Road to a standstill.

Chemical Intelligence? – Modafinil

An ethical dilemma: Two people take an exam. They are of near equal intelligence and good at their subject. One studies for six hours a day before their exam and gets a 2:1. The other student takes a pill for concentration and revises for 10 hours a day. They get a first. The question is: is it cheating? Does the person with a pill for concentration have an unfair advantage?

Student Direct: Mancunion runner up at Guardian Student Media awards

Student Direct: Mancunion, as The Mancunion was known last year, was awarded runner-up in the Guardian Student Media Awards. The River, a Kingston University publication, took first place.

Peaceful protesters charged by “heavy-handed” police on horseback

Police charged unarmed, peaceful protesters on horseback and used “heavy-handed” tactics to disrupt protests on Oxford Road last week.

Politics lecturer charged with assaulting police officer

A University of Manchester academic was charged with assaulting a police officer last week.
The arrest was made during the third national day of action against the planned cuts to higher education and the proposed rise in tuition fees.

Best of luck to Manchester occupation – Noam Chomsky

High-profile figures, including Noam Chomsky and Billy Bragg, have sent messages of support to the students occupying a University of Manchester building.