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Saint Mary’s hospital has stopped offering free formula milk in a bid to encourage new mothers to breastfeed.

Formula milk banned in Manchester hospital

A Manchester hospital is to stop giving out formula milk to encourage new mothers to breastfeed

Plans would be paid for by reversing tax cuts for banks and asking higher earning students to pay more.

Labour would cut tuition fees by a third, says Miliband

The universities minister and the NUS say the policy will not encourage poorer students to enrol

Campaigners said the move marked the beginning of progress, but that there was still a long way to go. Photo: Retlaw Snellac

Saudi women get right to vote

But they will have to wait until 2015


Charles Kennedy launches attack on Lib Dems

Former party leader has made an attack in new film


Student arrested after ‘hate Clegg’ protest

Elected officer in the Birmingham Guild of Students arrested after ‘causing danger to road users’

David Andani

Banking reforms to hit future graduates

Commission’s suggestions may increase the cost of borrowing.

Photo: le Haricot

Survey forecasts fall in employment for the North West

The only way is down for employment in the North


Technology know-how vital for business students

‘It is necessary as a manager to have a clear understanding of the issues associated with deploying the power of technology’

Manchester University was placed at number 41 in table published The Guardian. Photo:  Adam Rossano

The worst university in the Russell Group

– Manchester University only one place ahead of Oxford Brookes in league table
– MMU ranked in bottom 20

Adele: a former student at London's Brit School. Photo: Karen Blue

Salford to welcome ‘new Brit School’

A performing arts school based on the principles of London’s Brit School is set to open ‘within two years’

Qualitest has warned that millions of its contraceptive pills will not work after a packaging error. Photo:  Shemer at Flickr.

Millions of ‘contraceptives’ won’t work

Women in the US may have become unintentionally pregnant after the incorrect labeling of the contraceptive pill produced by the Alabama based company Qualitest

Two students at the end of a night out in Deansgate during freshers' week. Photo: Jonathan Whiting

Councillors clamp down on Fallowfield bars

New bars in the Fallowfield and Withington areas will face stricter licensing criteria under plans by councillors