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MOSI merge with London museum to resolve funding crisis

Government funding cuts compels Manchester Museum of Science and Industry into possible merger

Gold is an investor's 'safe haven'

Gold and Silver: I’m ‘all-in’

Why precious metals are an increasingly lucrative investment and how students can get in on the action.

Manchester Museums photo T Rex

University museums win £2 million grant

Museums in Manchester receive extra funding while museums elsewhere loose their funding completey


‘Poorer students are not discouraged by higher fees,’ says Ucas

Despite tripling tuition fees, poorer students continue to apply for undergraduate courses

Gayle O'Donovan speaking at the Students' Union

Manchester green party candidate dies

Local Green Party activist Gayle O’Donovan passed away last week


Editor’s Note Issue 11 6/02/12

Far from sitting around and trying to watch half of Youtube, we’ve been gearing up for the new term

A screen shot from the Wonga web site before the page was removed

Wonga removes “predatory” offer from its website, after protests

The payday loan company sparked outrage when it was noticed that they had marketed their service to students

In September 2009 British Prime Minister Gordon Brown made an official public apology on behalf of the British government for the way in which Turing was treated after the war

Pardon in sight for Alan Turing

The ‘father of computer science’ may soon be officially pardoned following a motion submitted to parliament by John Leech, MP

The misprinted hoody in all its glory. Photo: Lily Howes

University Challenged? Society sells misspelt hoodies

The Civil and Construction Society accidentally sold many students hoodies containing a misprint

The Christie is the largest recruiter of patients onto research trials accredited by the National Cancer Research Network.

Local campaign stalls plans for new cancer research facility

A dispute about the size and location of a car park has stalled plans for a new cancer facility

Photo: Paul Campbell.

Shares in ‘big oil’ contradict Manchester University’s ethical investment policy

Institution holds shares in Shell, BP and Halliburton, despite policy which rules out investment in companies which cause “environmental degradation”

Peter Sutton (left) and Lloyd Henning (Right) were part of the team involved in the development of software designed to help aid workers at scenes of natural disasters. Photo: Ruth Wildman

Students create life saving software

Computer scientists in Manchester have developed innovative software designed to aid rescue efforts in the aftermath of natural disasters.