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Middlesex University, where Daniella Jade Lewis will be attending after her release from prison.

Prisoner released early to attend freshers’ week

A woman who should have served 18 months for possession with intent to supply has been released to attend her freshers’ week.

“You have left such a huge void. Thank you for being such an inspiration to all who knew you,” read one of the messages left at the scene of the accident. Photo: Jonathan Whiting.

Vigil held for man hit by bus

A candlelight vigil was held for the man killed by a bus whilst chasing a thief.

Protesters in Parliament Square at the tuition fees demonstration last year.

‘Major’ protests planned for November

A ‘fresh wave’ of direct action and protest will coincide with strikes in the UK

The NUS said it was "unacceptable" for universities to fail to ensure students had adequate housing

‘Goodbye first-rate housing, hello University of Lincoln’

Freshers are sharing portable cabins because accommodation has run out

The green petrol can (above) was used as a weapon to threaten staff. Below: the other two robbers

Images of Fallowfield armed robbers released

Three men armed with a crowbar and a petrol can robbed the post office inside a Tesco Express in Fallowfield

Areas where lots of students are in close proximity are an ideal place for bacteria and viruses to spread.

Undergraduates second most vulnerable to meningitis

The Health Protection Agency have warned that the student lifestyle makes undergraduates susceptible to meningitis.

Raymond Jacobs is the third suspected intruder to be killed by a property owner in Greater Manchester since June

Businessman arrested after killing suspected intruder

Stockport man on bail after stabbing Raymond Jacobs, who died at the scene

Campaigners at the Science is Vital rally in September 2010

White coats at Downing Street: One year later

Did the government listen to doctor’s orders after white coats arrived at Number 10 a year ago?

Broadband: 5000 times faster

Procrastination suddenly got a lot easier.

Artist's impression of the dead star orbited by its diamond companion

Pulsar in the sky with diamonds

There isn’t a hustler in the world who can steal this diamond.


Caroline Lucas: ties to Hamas are legitimate

The Green leader shares a panel with vocal Hamas supporters. In an interview with The Mancunion she condemns “parts of” the organisation but says supporting them is not “intrinsically wrong”.

The Greens want to target ethnic communities, but deny that they only appeal to the white middle class. Photo:

Green party is too white, says Lucas

Exclusive: Greens are ‘very serious’ about making party more representative of Britain’s ethnic makeup