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London 2012


A double-amputee is allowed to take part in the London 2012 Olympics Games

Usain Bolt

Inside a world-beating Olympian

What makes a record-breaker?


International search for missing Moon rocks

Almost half of the lunar rocks brought back have gone astray

Cycle sprint

Advances in drug testing for 2012

London 2012 Olympians to face even more comprehensive drugs testing to catch out the cheats

Giant Panda

A panda eats, shoots and leaves to extinction?

Claims we should accept that some species are too dire to save gain support

Autistic brains found to have increased neuron number

Autism may begin in the womb

Increased number of neurons discovered to be common in autistic brains


Sex sells: how to make $200 million a year with three letters and a dot

Online porn gets a saucy makeover

a concerned subject

Universities to reveal primate testing

University goes ape as court issues freedom of information order

Glass half full or half empty?

Is Your Glass Half Empty or Half Full?

Be thankful if your brain has
a silver lining of its own

COD series is one of the most successful ever

Global Russian invasion resisted by gaming army of ‘n00bs’

COD breaks sales records again and again

Nancy Rothwell

Meet the Vice-Chancellor

Inside the world of
Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell

Internet cable

Broadband providers mislead users

Check your broadband speed, as things are not quite as good as expected