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Nobel Prize medal

Nobel Prize winners earn acclaim for seminal research

The 2011 Nobel Prizes in Physics, Medicine and Chemistry respectively were announced in October, awarding the international researchers acclaim for their leading research.


Fundamental physics law broken

The past century of science may be soon declared as misguided, if the results from CERN where the speed of light has seemingly been exceeded, can not be explained.

BlackBerry, Apple, Google Android

Which mobile operating system?

RIM’s BlackBerry, Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android all claim to have the best operating system, but with such different approaches, which is truly the best?

The late Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs: a legacy

The life and career of the late Steve Jobs was influential, prolific and truly avant-garde.

Glastonbury attendees educated on microbiology

Bacteria Lessons for Glastonbury festival-goers

Glastonbury festival fans were contaminated with a fluorescent virus by University of Manchester researchers, in a unique interactive event to teach about microbiology.

Light beam

Invisibility cloaks becoming reality

Science fiction’s cloaking devices may soon be realised as researchers use carbon nanotubes to deflect light.

Steroid Inhaler used by asthma sufferers

New hope for asthma sufferers

A new asthma drug developed allows patients to avoid the use of steroids, but has been deemed too expensive to be prescribed to patients by the NHS.

Apple in court again

Apple in court again over allegations of copyright infringement.

Investigators baffled by spontaneous combustion death

The first Irish case of human spontaneous combustion baffles investigators.

Embryonic stem cell treatment for blindness

Potential treatment for a degenerate blindness found in the form of embryonic stem cells.

Laptops for students

Want help choosing your laptop? This is for you.

Changing tactic for nuclear fusion

Generating power by putting particles together rather than breaking them apart is now closer than ever.